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What’s Hot special health: Healthcare Workers as Ambassadors of New Fashion

Bertrand Leseigneur
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Bertand Leseigneur,  our Retail Innovation US correspondent, this month shares with us the dramatic situation for retailers in NYC since the Covid19.

The healthcare sector in the United States is undergoing major changes and many startups are looking to invest in this sector before the major American players such as Amazon, Google or WalMart take over the market. In fact, pharmacies are having to reinvent themselves. And if health care becomes the flagship sector in the coming years, we might as well consider that health care workers will become ambassadors of a new fashion!

Stanley‘s Pharmacy: a place apart

Stanley‘s Pharmacy is not just another pharmacy: it’s a wellness space with golden hues and reflections, nestled in one of the quietest streets on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Stanley George, the founder, presides over his unique Pharmacy Bar, where blue paintings and wall windows give it a totally different style from the usual pharmacies.

Despite its small size, people come from all over the world to visit Stanley. People come to this pharmacy with the desire to open up to traditions and practices that mix Eastern and Western medicine. The interactions with the pharmacist are not like those in a regular pharmacy. Stanley does not ask for a prescription or insurance card in the first place. He prefers to find out about his client (or patient?), about his day by showing a real interest.

This pharmacist will also suggest a fruit smoothie with turmeric or ginger tea iced with seaweed or maybe just a few dietary supplements to meet your needs.

And since music is good, Stanley is also the Dj of his pharmacy.

Figs: Fashion for nurses

How about we present work clothes as fashion accessories? In the United States, healthcare workers often have to buy their work uniforms. In this market dominated by a few players, Figs offers a different approach.

For the record, co-CEO and co-founder Heather Hasson was having coffee with a friend and a nurse practitioner. While discussing their respective professions, Heather was able to glimpse the lack of fantasy offered to nurses both in terms of fashion and quality of work clothing. With a background in fashion, Heather decided to enter the field by creating medical clothing for those who wear it. And the difference is made right from the entrance to the Soho outlet: a true place of fashion and experience for customers as shown in the photos below!


As part of its new collection, Figs will donate 50% of its sales to breast cancer research. The medical staff will therefore contribute through their work and purchases to the advancement of research.

Searching for Whisky with Amazon Alexa

The liquor store Bottlerocket offers an interesting feature on its New York point of sale: voice search with Alexa from Amazon.

After asking Alexa to open the BottleRocket feature of the store, customers can receive up to three whisky recommendations after answering basic questions such as their favorite brand, the reason for their purchase or the desire to try something new. The service also provides information about the world of whisky tasting as well as the opportunity to learn more about the brands.

Built by LED specialists and Arrow Electronics, a custom shelf lights up to identify the best recommendations. All the customer has to do is make his choice and go to the checkout to pay.

Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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