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On our way to Shanghai to visit the very first L'Oreal concept store.

This showrooming based store mixes the real experience with a digital one thanks to a mini-program found on of course the must-have Chinese app, WeChat. It is indeed these great apps that allow for a seamless customer journey.
At the store with product discovery, advice, surprises and mini-program, the personalized act of purchase based on your journey at the point of sale.
The showrooming store therefore has all its virtues in Asia, while in Europe or the United States, this same type of hybrid journey still remains disappointing or not very functional.
It should not be forgotten that e-commerce in Asia has reached 50%while it is only 14% in Europe.

Still a lot of room for improvement in Europe before making the smartphone the essential tool for shopping.

Elisabeth MENANT Technological & Marketing Trends Analyst

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