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[RETAIL LEX USA] On the way to #CES2021 and #NRF2021: the best of retail innovation!

Guillaume RIO
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With the end of year celebrations just over, January begins on a roll for the Echangeur with the 2021 edition of its traditional Retail Learning Expedition in the USA,which this year will be rather a “Virtual Retail Learning Expedition”, the health crisis is still at the heart of the concerns.

It all started on 11/01 with the #CES2021 (Consumer Electronic Show), followed by the famous Retail’s big Show #NRF2021 chapter 1 (chapter 2 is scheduled for June if the health situation permits). Our 2 experts specializing in new retail technologies, Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono are ready for exploration! They will scan conferences and virtual exhibitions in search of the latest trends not to be missed!

On the program: new technologies (AR, Facial Recognition, Autonomous Cars, Autonomous flying cars, AI, Robots, Blockchain…) and their impact on our ways of consuming and on retail!

Find below from 12/01, the daily debriefings of our experts on the essential points to remember from this Learning Expedition #CES2021ECH #NRF2021ECH.

Jan 11th 2021: First day! Stars of the day: mobility and AI!

Our experts share with you this Tuesday the best trends of this first day at CES 2021! Yesterday, was highlighted the AI, and let’s go further the Ambient Intelligence with the robot Care by Samsung. We are also talking about mobility on this day, and the emerging player is Mobileye, an Intel company, with its autonomous cars.

Jan 12th 2021: 2nd day! Health and autonomous vehicles at the heart of this day!

On that day, our experts focused first on the health sector. Accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, technologies are emerging, including miniaturized air purifiers, to bring everywhere with you! The number of solutions for conducting home antigenic tests is also skyrocketing. But in addition to health, we are also talking about autonomous vehicles, and more broadly about optimized and autonomous delivery. General Motors, in collaboration with FedEx, is launching the Bright Drop program: a true ecosystem for autonomous vehicles and logistics. Soon, it will be a truck without a driver, with smart mini pallets that will deliver our packages!

Jan 13th 2021: 3rd day! Talk about health, or better : E-health!

On the third day at CES 2021, our experts tell us about E-health. The COVID-19 crisis has propelled investment in this sector, and we are seeing start-ups, including South Koreans, emerge on this topic. Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio give you 3 examples: AlgoCare which mixes IOT and home machines, NuviLab your technological dietary companion and IconAI the “Alexa” of telemedicine.

Jan 14th 2021: last day! Our last feelings on this edition

As you know, this year the CES Las Vegas was 100% online, an edition that lacked chance encounters through the different stands… However, the trends were there, and one thing is certain: the new CIO, Chief Innovation Officer, is Covid-19. The link is made quite naturally with E-health in full boom, with all the wearables to accompany us. A conclusion must be drawn: in the world of tomorrow, normality will be without contact. And we’ve already talked about this, but mobility, which is completely electric, is an issue that all automakers are committed to. Find in the video below, the key points to remember from this last day:

Jan 20th 2021 : A summary of these first 4 days at NRF2021

The first 4 days at the NRF Retail’s Big Show – Virtual – Chapter One. Our experts, Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio give you their key takeaways of the show. They particularly enjoyed the testimonials of Janey Whiteside, Executive VP at WalMart and Krista Bourne, SVP at Verizon, who explained how their business have adapted to Covid-19 for even better performances.

Our experts also identified 2 great startups : Cahoot for peer to peer warehouse sharing and Rillavoice for real time advice to sales assistants in store based on the conversation between the client and the sale assistant.
Find in the video below, the key points to remember from this last four day:

Jan 21st 2021 : Very interesting startups…

Day 5 at the NRF Retail’s Big Show – Virtual – Chapter One.
Two striking startups today: Caper which offers connected and intelligent shopping carts. They will deploy their solution at Krogers. Second great startup of the day, the french startup Shopopop which uses car pooling for peer to peer groceries deliveries.
Watch the full debriefing below :

Jan 22nd 2021 : This is the end…

Last day at the NRF Retail’s Big Show – Virtual – Chapter One.
Very last day at the Retail’s Big Show for this virtual 2021 edition! Fast check out instore is probably a key learning of this session. It has been very very important during this covid-19 crisis. In line with this, autonomous deliveries have a very large boulevard ahead! DNA sharing with brands becomes more and more accepted by consumers if they see a benefit…
Watch the full debriefing below. Our 2 experts will see you soon for the next innovation tradeshow : SXSW 2021!

Guillaume RIO
Specialist of BATX & GAFA ecosystems and passionate about China, Guillaume analyzes the impact of new technologies on our lives.
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