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DAY 1 : Debrief of the study trip of Echangeur at #CES2017 in Las Vegas

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Let’s go back to the 1st day of Echangeur at #CES2017 :

By Guillaume Rio,Techno Trends Manager & Nicolas Diacono, Techno Trend Experts


“It has been a very intense day, especially around the Eureka Park, which is the area dedicated to startups and to innovation. It is stricking to see that the focus has been placed on Virtual Reality as well as on all the captors, that allow to reproduce movements in the virtual world in order to interact with objects. This gives us a glimpse of what hte retail of tomorrow will be through Virtual Reality.

We also noticed that robots were almost everywhere : from personal assistant to sales advisor in store. A lot of new startups are working on the topic, both french and international. ”

CES2017 debrief day 1

“Then we have been struck that Amazon is extremely present throughout the tradeshow. It is important to note that Alexa is in everyone’s mind here. Amazon was shown on almost every corner. For example, at Whirlpool, they have signed up an partnership with Amazon and they now can allow all their Whirlpool devices and appliances to be controled by Alexa.

In addition, manufacturers really have integrated robots in their strategies and it is clear that Amazon has the will to become the Service Hub of our homes.

Finally another interesting point, is that several major brands are lauching softwares or apps : Underarmour, Fossil, Pernod-Ricard now develop their own connected objects in order to optimise their relationship with their customers. We are entering in the senses era, with services as a major characteristic. Brands are fighting back as they don’t want to five up in front of the internet giants. ”


To follow the study trip of Echangeur live : @Echangeur


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