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Visit the Volkswagen We Space to discover the mobility of tomorrow !

Matthieu JOLLY
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Volkswagen We Space

If Volkswagen WE is a digital platform of services, the manufacturer has made the choice to make it tangible to the greatest number by opening WE Space. Focused on the human and the experience, the place allows to apprehend and build the mobility of tomorrow.

The concept

The automotive sector is probably the industry that is currently experiencing the most significant changes. Proof of this is that car manufacturers are gradually moving away from traditional trade shows to those dedicated to technological innovation. For several years, the Consumer Electronic Show, VivaTech or WebSummit have seen autonomous vehicles and cars connected to park in their aisles. Car manufacturers, like Volkswagen with IBM or Microsoft, are partnering with the giants of computing to create the smart car and, more broadly, build the mobility of tomorrow.


But why wait? With the digital platform “Volkswagen WE”, the driver can now test the first solutions that will simplify his daily life. If WE Park helps him find and pay for parking in more than 130 German cities, he can use WE Deliver to have his purchases made online directly in his safe. With We Experience, the driver benefits from geolocated and customized offers and discounts offered by partner brands such as Aral or Edeka. And it’s not over. From April 2019, the offer will expand with the launch in Berlin of We Share, the car-sharing service of Volkswagen. The 2,000 electric vehicles will probably be able to be recharged thanks to the WE Charge service.



By creating this ecosystem of services, Volkswagen is becoming a player in mobility. It remains to make known the offer to many motorists. Hence, the opening of the WE Space showroom in the heart of Berlin.

Like his big brother, the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum, the space aims to be didactic and experience-oriented. The aim is clearly to physically embody the digital services of the Volkswagen WE platform and their benefits for motorists.

Open on the outside, the showroom wants to attract a maximum of passers-by for example by offering concerts in the street. From the established contact, the visitor benefits from a coffee, demonstration area or, for example, the possibility of recharging his smartphone. Everything is done so that once inside he feels at home and can take the necessary time to discover the WE service. In discussion with the mediators present, he will also be able to give his point of view and bring back new ideas of services and solutions that will facilitate his mobility of tomorrow.

Why visit the store?

Découvrir Volkswagen WE

Discover to develop the service offer

From the different screens and connected tables of WE Space, take the time to discover the many solutions that make up the Volkswagen WE ecosystem. For more details, discuss with the team present. who will be happy to inform you and to collect your ideas of innovations.

Equiper son véhicule

Equip my car

You want to use the services of Volkswagen WE. Rest assured, you do not need to resell your car to buy a new equipped vehicle. You simply need to install the DataPlug box in your car to connect it to the digital ecosystem.


Take a break in your day

It’s raining and you have no battery on your smartphone? Why not settle in one of the spaces at your disposal. Take advantage of this break to enjoy a coffee or cold drink.

Amener son enfant

Involve your child

Your children are the first concerned by the mobility of the future. Feel free to come with them so that they discover the place and give their opinion.

Tester Cityskater

Test the Cityskater

For your local trips, why not put yourself on the soft mobility. For this, Volkswagen offers you to discover the Streetmate and the Cityskater, a 3-wheeled scooter on which teams are currently working.

Volkswagen We

live the experience

Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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