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Elisabeth MENANT
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Since it’s creation in 1978, fourteen years after its “Big Sister” Topshop (with which it shares points of sales), Topman continues to make a name for itself with over 250 stores in the U.K. and 150 worldwide. What to expect : a very British inspired men’s clothing collection. However, the flagship store in Oxford Street is a lot more than just a clothes store : it’s a genuine men’s living environment.

  • A temple of English fashion, regrouping two brands into one.
  • Customization and valorisation are omnipresent all over the store
  • Multiple unique services to entice clients
  • A coffee shop in the store allowing customers to take a break during their shopping trip
  • The possibility to recharge phone batteries directly at the point of sale

What to do and see

Get advice at home

You don’t have time to go shopping ? Topman Personal Shopping Google+ Hangout was made for you. Enter your size, select your style. A personal shopper with select clothes and show them to you via video-call. 

Make the most of a personal shopper

Holidays are approaching, you live in London and only have an hour’s worth of spare time. Make the most of the personal shopper service and get a new style. All you need to do is make an appointment and specify your style. The coach will deal with your makeover.

Charge your phone

Conscientious of their young and connected clientele, Topman provides free phone charging terminals.

Communicating on social media

If you have Instagram, you’ll almost definitely find photos of one of your favourite items on the site by looking for the corresponding labels. 

Get your beard trimmed

Use one of the many services provided in your favourite store : barber, hair, beauty, tattoo or piercing parlours.

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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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