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Céline Delacharlerie
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Habitat is the first mid-supermarket mid-restaurant concept of the Singaporean Concierge Services and Honestbee Shopping app. This area of ​​5500m2 devoted to food was launched in October 2018. The order and payment are made only via the mobile application, thus completely eliminating the step of the checkout.

Habitat Concept by Honestbee

Thanks to robotics and mobile applications, the transformation of supermarkets and grocery stores into semi-automated surfaces is continuing at a rapid pace in Asia. In China, the success of Alibaba’s Hema supermarkets has inspired the concept of Habitat in Singapore, launched by Honestbee shopping and concierge services.


Launched in 2015, the Honestbee application developed by the startup of the same name became known thanks to a service to delegate tasks such as the purchase of shopping or the delivery of parcels and meals, and more recently the cleaning of his dirty clothes. Its success has allowed it to expand into seven other countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan. Honestbee is the first startup to receive approval from the Singaporean government to integrate a large-scale retail business into its industrial zone. The startup does not intend to stop there, it foresees the forthcoming opening of Habitat in the other seven Asian markets in which it operates.


Opened in October 2018, Habitat by Honestbee incorporates the latest trends in “New Retail”: a mobile order and payment system, robots that pack and transport purchased items, a selection of fresh and quality products, restaurants and event spaces inside the supermarket. It does not actually occupy half of the space.

Located on the outskirts of the city, guests move there mainly for the generous “Fish and Chips” cooked from fresh fish, but very little to do their shopping. They prefer to order remotely via the shopping service that made Honestbee so successful.

Outside of its restaurants, the space is therefore mainly used for warehousing and online order picking. Employees, the “Shopper Bees“, are busy in the store a bag and a barcode reader by hand to make the purchases of customers whose order was received via the application , while “Delivery Bees”  take care of home delivery of these bags.

Why visit Habitat by Honestbee?


Make your food shopping by avoiding the queue at the cashier

To enter the store, you must have downloaded the Honestbee app. You will be asked to present your QR code, called the Bee Pass, at the automatic terminals to access the store. This Bee Pass is associated with your credit card to authorize mobile transactions and offer you a personalized service according to your tastes and preferences. You also use it to scan your items, to pay, to leave the store and finally to recover your shopping. All stages of the experience now pass through this Bee Pass.

If you purchase more than 10 items, you can push your cart into a staff area, and let the store team and robots take care of scanning items and packaging.

talages du magasin - Habitat

Find fresh quality products

The concepts of sprawling space include a butcher’s shop with a selection of dry, snow-cured beef, a fresh produce section sourced from farmers and producers in the area, a seafood counter that tells you where it’s coming from your catch, and a wine and spirits corner. In total, 20,000 premium products are offered.

Relax and eat while waiting for your shopping to be read

Habitat is also a place of restoration and relaxation. You can sit quietly at the table or in one of the lounge areas, waiting for your shopping to be ready. You can order your meal in one of the 15 concept restaurants, a coffee or a freshly squeezed fruit juice, via the Honestbee app. A notification on your phone will tell you when you can pick up your order.

In addition to F & B, you will also find a bodega that offers pop-up collaborations and design objects, a Japanese florist, a hydroponics laboratory, and a cozy reading corner called Shufu. Local and regional artists such as Cosmic Chai, Jonathan Jay Lee, Messymsxi and Tell Your Children will also present their works


Get wrapped up and bring your shopping by robots

Once your order is processed, you receive an SMS telling you that your order is ready to be picked up at the collection point just before the checkout. Here, after scanning your Bee Pass, a robot moves to bring you the shelf that contains your shopping bag. You just have to get it back and leave the store.


Organise Event

Organize an event

3,000 square meters were set up inside the store to host events such as cooking demonstrations or corporate receptions.


Test beauty products in the store's washroom

By going to the bathroom of the store, you will be surprised to find a Trendy Beauty Bar. Several trendy brands like Ooh Lab and Re: Erth rub shoulders with other brands, who are surfing the wave of minimalism and nature, and invite you to test their products.

Habitat by Honesbee

Céline Delacharlerie
Celine is the correspondent of the Echangeur in China. On the lookout for retail innovations, she identifies and analyzes the latest retail and consumer trends in Asia.
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