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A holistic approach to health with an all-in-one organic food store

Céline Delacharlerie
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Mahota Commune

Mahota Commune, of the Prime Group International  supermarket group, opened its first concept store in Singapore in 2017. The space covers 2,000m2 and promotes healthy and local food through a holistic and sustainable approach. As its name suggests, Mahota creates a community by combining a gourmet restaurant, market, café, wellness studio and traditional medicine clinic in one space.

The new retail approach!

Mahota Commune is a store concept that aligns with the new retailer’s approach to extending the value offered to the consumer to increase their loyalty and commitment to the brand. The Mahita Commune concept goes even further and tries to develop and maintain a community around nature, healthy food and well-being, offering in one place all the services needed to live the “organic” philosophy to the full.


Mahota places great emphasis on the social and community aspect of its space. The brand wants to engage its customers on different levels, through a multitude of services and events offered. It wants to educate and design its offer in relation to the demand of its customers that it wants to earn and maintain “for life”.

The group responds to the demand of the Singaporean market for more organic and healthy products.

The origin of Mahota is a Singaporean family who for health reasons had to turn to an organic and balanced diet. The first farm was developed in Shanghai, which also saw the birth of the first holistic concept store in 2012. It was only later in 2017 that the concept was brought back to Singapore. The farm allows the cultivation of fruit and vegetables without pesticides as well as meat and fish that are raised and fed outdoors without hormones. It also implements permaculture processes to save energy and establish a more sustainable harvesting process.

Restoring contact between man and nature is the philosophy that the founding family has chosen to extend to others by selling its products in stores. It was then a collaborative work between the team of the international Prime distribution group, Japanese designers and nutritionists that allowed the concept store to see the light of day.

Why visit the store?

Encouraging local and ecological production

Mahota has developed its own 100% ecological floating farm based on renewable energies.

Find products of organic origin

Inside the shop Mahota therefore offers fruit and vegetables from its farm, fish and meat from its farms, as well as other products (food supplements, utilities, etc.) in a decor with a farm spirit and nature recalled by the shades of wood and interior plants.

Relaxation and healthy eating

Whether in the Kitchen area, which offers Italian and Asian dishes, or in the Pantry area, for coffee and brunch, Mahota feeds its customers with products straight from its farms.

Try new activities with DIY workshops

The studio offers yoga and fitness classes, plans weekly hikes, organizes cooking, aromatherapy and woodcutting workshops

Make a medical appointment

In line with its logic of holistic wellness, Mahota offers medical consultations in its in-store clinic. Focused on traditional Chinese medicine, the clinic’s practitioners offer private consultations, teach (acupuncture, acupressure…) and decide on recipes for the restaurant menu.

Raising children's awareness of nature

Mahota also offers a day-care service and a nursery school for children from 18 months to 6 years old with the aim of raising children’s awareness of nature. The program includes language, calligraphy, arithmetic and social science classes as well as gardening, cooking and nature excursions.

Discover the concept in video

Céline Delacharlerie
Celine is the correspondent of the Echangeur in China. On the lookout for retail innovations, she identifies and analyzes the latest retail and consumer trends in Asia.
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