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Inspirations of Echangeur

To help you anticipate the future of commerce and consumption, we provide you with our sources of inspiration. The starting point, the exclusive data from our Access Panel, with which we perform consumption analysis to study changes in lifestyles and new consumer habits. Their motives known, you browse our analyzes of technological trends and services which accompany the mutation of trade: our Technological Analysis and Services Analysis.  Innovation is omnipresent. Our experts therefore go into the field to test them, whether physical or digital: Our Onsite Experiments.  If needed, you can contact our global network of Innovative Startups to discover their inspiring solutions.

Finally, to continue to inspire you, don't hesitate to watch our

Consumption Analyses

Thanks to the data from the Access Panel, the Echangeur experts have a 360 ° view of Belgian, Spanish, French and Portuguese consumers! A unique source of information that allows you to study your customers but also those of your direct or indirect concurents as well as specific targets. Come and discover our analysis grids and our consumption analysis of consumer purchasing habits and motivations. .

Technological Analyses

Technology is everywhere! Artificial Intelligence is an industrial revolution comparable to the arrival of electricity or the Internet which will, over the coming years, revolutionize commerce and customer relations. If the concepts of NFT, IoT, Blockchain or cryptocurrency are blurry, explore our technological analysis which decipher their benefits.

Innovative startups

Echangeur selects the most innovative retail startups for you. We offer an analysis of their solutions, strengths, advantages for the customer and also their testimonials!

To go further, through the demonstrations in our showroom dedicated to innovations, identify the solutions adapted to your expectations, try them out and get in touch!

Onsite experiments

Paris, Shanghai, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, London or Tokyo … Roam the world with us by discovering points of sale, whether physical or digital, to inspire you and rethink your points of contact. High-tech or low-tech, all reinvent today and in their own way the customer journey.

Service Analyses

You search inspiration? Why not go see what is best in the world! For this, you simply take the time to read our services analysis.

More than a simple market watch, the innovations selected and deciphered illustrate the trends that today foreshadow the commerce and customer relations of tomorrow.

Our Podcasts

By car, in the metro or while doing your workout, there's nothing like listening to a podcast to get inspired and better understand the new challenges of retail!

Discover Inno I know, our 1st series of podcasts exploring innovation on the retail side. Virtual reality, voice assistants, blockchain, e-sport ... How are these innovations revolutionizing the daily lives of consumers and retailers?

Our two experts Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio, along with a startuper in the field, analyse the issues related to the uses of these new technologies.

Our Video Library

Do you have 1 minute or 3 hours in front of you?

Find all the video content of Echangeur here!

Inspirational keynotes, in-store field experiences, interviews with startups, debriefings from innovation shows such as CES, NRF, WebSummit or SXSW, snippets from our Commerce Reloaded or Innovate Service Centric conferences...

Have fun and enjoy watching!

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