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Club members? Want to visit the Echangeur Showroom, to see the data from the Access Panel or test the solution of our Partners Startups? Want to take part in a Store Tour to discover inspiring points of sale? To visit an event at our side during a Tech Tour? Need to organize an inspiration or ideation Workshop with your teams?

Echangeur is at your disposal to build with you a personalized immersive experience adapted to your expectations!


On your key, strategic or operational issues

Acculturate your teams to changes in Commerce

Between the industrial revolution of Artificial Intelligence and consumer trends, commerce is changing at high speed.

So don’t wait to organise a presentation of 30 minutes to two hours, dedicated to your teams, around these changes and their major issues.


In emblematic retail cities

Visit the inspiring stores of the moment

Discover the latest concepts of physical but also digital points of sale in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, London, New York, Paris or even in Asia.

How? By organising, with the experts of Echangeur, half-day to 2-day visits and discussions with store managers.


On major international events dedicated to innovation

Identify the technologies of tomorrow

Every year, Echangeur experts walk down the aisles of major international events. CES, EuroShop, Hello Tomorrow, IFA, Money 20/20, NRF Retail’s Big Show, Viva Technology or Web Summit hold no secrets for them.

To discover them, accompany the experts on-site or sign up for one of the debriefs organised upon their return.


Organise a thinking and an ideation session

If you have a business question, if you need to convince your management or if you are looking for inspiration,
contact the experts to organise a half-day to two-day a personalized workshop in the Echangeur showroom or on your offices.


Do you want to look at the big picture and check mutations and future changes in commerce and consumption?

Contact the Echangeur to arrange a visit to the showroom with your teams, your general management and discuss with the experts of Echangeur.


Talking is good, but acting is better. Submit your problem to us so that Echangeur can help you generate ideas. On the program: keynote, Access Panel data, store visits, meetings with startups or retailers, etc.

In short, a mix of tools created by the experts to help you.


During a previous session, you have identified an innovative track. Make it alive by sharing with technology partners and retailers that have encountered the same problems.

Our goal: that you can return to the office to launch your innovation so that it will become a best practice tomorrow, analysed by Echangeur. 

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