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Tech Tour Money 20/20


This year the Money20/20 fair takes place from September 21 to 23, 2021 in Amsterdam.

Unmissable, this show brings together the biggest global players in Fintech to meet new challenges. This year, the show focuses on the relationship between Finance and Retail. The opportunity for the experts of the Echangeur to cover this event for the first time.

Follow the team’s daily adventures on Twitter with # Money2020ECH2021 and register for the debriefing webinar on Thursday, October 7.

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Debrief Day 1: What if covid changes the way we pay?

For the first time, our experts are covering Money20 / 20 in Amsterdam.

On the program for this first day, two payment solutions VoxPay and Veritran, which have evolved a lot during this COVID-19 crisis.

The VoxPay, solution has improved payment security for orders taken by voice over the phone.

Then discover Veritran, a start-up that has developed a Wallet for people who do not have a bank account.

Elisabeth explains more in video!

Debrief Day 2: Will the future of payment depend on a digital identity?

This second day was mainly focused on the following question:

“How to streamline the payment experience so that it becomes almost invisible? “

The experts walked the aisles of the show to answer this question and share their favorites with us.

For example, the start-up Veridas helps, thanks to its biometric solutions, many sectors to embark and authenticate a consumer by his voice or face.

The digital ID and the digital pass, are they the future of payment? Apple has already developed a Wallet in the United States that allows you to prove your identity.

Matthieu explains all this to you in the video below!

Sharing experiences of Money20/20

Alessandro Promutico

Want to know more about the Fintech event? Alessandro Promutico, Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer at Findomestic, shares his key learnings from Money20/20!

Check it out !


How a bank in Argentina has developed a wallet for the unbanked during the crisis of the Covid…
Know more about this story ? Look at the video from Veritran


Discover Greenly, the application that enriches any payment with a measurement of carbon emissions, so that everyone can manage their carbon budget in the same way as their financial budget … and generalize the fight against global warming.

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