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DAY 2 : Debrief of the study trip of Echangeur at #CES2017 in Las Vegas

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Let’s go back to the 2nd day of Echangeur at #CES2017 :

By Sally Guilbert, Head of Brand, Communications & Advertising @ BNP Paribas Personal Finance & Nicolas Diacono, Techno Trend Experts


“The big topic at this 2017 edition of the CES is DATA !
Data is everywhere… in fridge, in shoes, when you exercise, walk, run, bike… all the data are being captured, matched and analysed in order to prepare, anticipate and answer your future needs. You might not even be aware of these needs yet. This is the power of DATA and this can once again this year appear as THE MAJOR trend of this #CES2017.”

“More and more, this data is now being used on all electronic devices and home appliances, turning our houses into connected home. This let us believe that tomorrow, the consumer will not go buy products or even place orders by himself, but the appliances will do all of that for him : analysing his needs and ordering directly online based on the habits of the consumer.”

“We also discovered major improvements in terms of autonomous cars. All the big car manufacturers presented their newest versions of connected card. Mercedes for instance innovates by offering an autonomous delivery van, that can go directly bring the product to the final customer. This van is also combined with drones which will then pick up the parcels out of the van’s trunk to deliver them directly to the customer’s doorstep.
This way of delivering with drones is more and more tangible and mature as we can see for example in the south of France, that “La Poste” group, the french postal service, has received the approvals to start delivering parcels using drones.”


Follow the study trip of Echangeur live : @Echangeur


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