Retailers, let's face the challenges
of innovation together

The Club Echangeur
A special offer at your disposal to innovate

What is the Club Echangeur?

The Echangeur’s Club brings together retails coming from all sectors and all countries, at a time signs, brands, stores or startups.

Objective: to allow each company to meet its peers to discuss, to inspire and move in its innovation approach to in fine offer an experience and a customer journey adapted to current and future changes.

Being part of the Club opens the door to all of the investigation and analyzes carried out by Echangeur.

A only offer at your disposition!

The Club Echangeur :
our 3 pillars to support your reflection


Let’s imagine the future of retail together

During its conferences and webinars throughout the year, Echangeur shares its vision of a changing commerce, caught between the rise of a major industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence, and the protean evolution of the consumer.


Feed your strategy and your thinking

Once the facts are clear, it’s time to take action! Echangeur provides you with its 360° knowledge of consumers to identify their expectations and fuel your reflection through services, tech, stores or innovative startups.


Help us identify avenues for innovation

Our goal is simple: to succeed in bringing out innovations. Come up with your issue to achieve this result! Using its tools, Echangeur will build a customised work session with help you think your business for the future.

Club Echangeur