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Digital Communication Manager
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Soyooz was born in 2012 from a simple observation: purchasing a technical product or a service could rapidly become a nightmare.

After 2 years of research and development to develop a methodology that models human expertise and a recommendation search engine based on usage, soyooz tested the approach for high-tech products with the launch of a website. After a few thousand recommendations, soyooz improved the service and developed a B2B business.

Today soyooz is capable of providing recommendations for all types of products and services, on the web and in retail stores, on every type of devices using different type of interfaces (web, apps, chatbot, etc.).

They are convinced that Artificial Intelligence must help people remove the hassle of making complex choices without deciding for them. To be efficient it requires not only delivering an expert recommendation but also justifying the choice to reassure the customers.

They are an experienced, passionate, excellence-oriented team that brings together different high-level expertise in fields as diverse as AI, user experience, marketing, etc.

Based in France (Laval and Paris), we would be happy to meet you and show you how soyooz can bring intelligence into you customer relations.

Digital Communication Manager
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