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Bertrand Leseigneur
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Bertand Leseigneur,  our Retail Innovation US correspondent, this month decrypts the latest pop-up stores and stores that have just opened at Big Apple.

Instagrammable store fashion

With 1 billion users worldwide, the store now becomes “  instagrammable “. Architects and designers work the look of outlets to promote the sharing of experience of the product and the store experience.


Utilisateurs Instagram


The rise of Instagram forces brands and retailers to think about how to add this tool to their marketing strategy. Retail outlets have always been able to count on the visual strength of merchandising , but now it is also necessary to be able to create a visual moment that will push the customer to enter the store, take a photo and share it online. Many brands change the design of their stores or open new stores with the goal of having visually appealing locations.



Starbucks New York recently opened its gigantic coffee ” Roastery “. 13 times larger than a classic Starbucks, the store can rely on several tools to attract the customer who wants to also take photos. The giant logo of the brand has been carved on a wall and coffee machines are beautiful, bright and flashy.


Starbucks CafeStarbucks Statut


The most important thing at Starbucks is always to keep the brand and its products at the heart of the visual preoccupation. And it works well because the place is always full: the need for images, visual novelties and the beauty of machines attract a lot of people. Starbucks customers have two items in hand: their cup to enjoy a choice of coffees and their smartphone to photograph the place and share their images.


Starbucks Ambiance



Nike now has two huge stores in New York. To keep both places attractive to customers as well as tourists, Nike always plays on the spectacular side. So in its Soho store, the main entrance evolves according to the collections or marketing campaigns of the brand. It has always been a hallmark of Nike stores to be able to have a visually-worked space right from the entrance of the store. Many passersby can see this type of installation by going in and entering the store to take a picture and why not… to buy.
At the heart of Nike’s 5th Avenue store, this huge permanent digital sculpture will catch the eye of visitors.


Nike statutNike robot











Google hardware

Google hardwareIn its latest Pop up store , Google has decided to highlight all its gadgets in a very visual environment, encouraging to photograph it. To showcase the qualities of the Pixel 3 camera, Google had even installed a space specifically designed for visitors to take pictures and share their best selfies on Instagram.







Vital Proteins


The brand Vital Proteins has also opened a Pop Up Store by playing in particular on colors and a large place given to plants. Result: many passersby attracted by this riot of lush colors were able to discover the brand and its products.

It is very common to see customers enter the store only for the purpose of taking pictures.


Vital Proteins rayon




When the Burberry brand decided to return to New York, Instagram was in everyone’s head. In the heart of the student district of the city, the brand has installed a giant bear to symbolize its arrival and discover the new monogram of the brand.

The Teddy Bear is one of Burberry’s cult objects and it was perfect to symbolize the opening of the store . The cashmere bear sells for $ 1850 in stores .


Burberry Nounours


And New York was not the only city targeted by these visual aids.

Brands now appropriate the Instagram format to present their products in the same way that a person does for his own life, thus giving stores the feeling of a relative, a friend who would mixes the flow of images of these consumers. This gives a very social sense to the presence of a physical point of sale, showing once again that the “experiential” store, this “place of life” lives and shares with his community. The latter reinforces its role as influencer: According to Instagram data, 60% of users of Instagram discovered a product via the platform.


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Correspondant Echangeur Retail Innovation USA

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Bertrand Leseigneur
Based in New York, Bertrand is the Innovation Retail correspondent of the Echangeur in the USA, he decodes the latest American concept stores !!
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