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Elisabeth MENANT
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Startupbootcamp is a global family of industry-focused programs that supports early-stage tech founders to scale their companies rapidly.
During the scouting process for the Commerce 2020 program, the focus was on the customer of the future, with extra attention paid to sustainability, marketplaces, and traceability.


Through the intense 13-week fully digital acceleration journey, eight brilliant teams were supported on their way to customer development and product/market fit.
With an overlap on sustainability and marketplaces, l’Echangeur BNP Paribas Personal Finance has chosen to highlighted VIPficated (verification service to ensure quality in circular economy marketplaces), rebolet (overstock and return management and waste reduction), and Whering (conscious fashion spending) that took the challenge to sustainable consumption
Welcome to Bianca Rangecroft, Guy Reiffers, Luis Ferreo !


What StartupBootcamp is…

So far, Startupbootcamp has accelerated over 870 companies (74% still active), with an average funding of €907k and some major exits, such as German IoT company Relayr, acquired by Munich Re group in a $300M deal. The strength and success lie in Startupbootcamp’s ability to connect companies with a global ecosystem of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in specific industries. With over 200 corporate partners such as BNP Paribas, Amazon Web Services, Rabobank, Banca Sella, and many others, we model each innovation program to foster corporate-startup collaboration.


Welcome to Bianca Rangecroft, Whering

Whering Where style meets real life: your wardrobe, digitized
The advent of fast fashion has made buying for cheap thrills much easier and cheaper – as consumers we now buy twice as many clothes as we did in 2000 and use them 40% less. There are 500m urban professional women who have too many clothes (lying idle in their wardrobes) and no idea how to style them. Whering helps women see, use and style what they own in a seamless
manner by digitising their closets.


Welcome to Guy Reiffers, REBOLET

Make the most out of your returned items and overstock.
On average 15% of the items sold online are returned or simply never sell, causing high financial loss and tons of waste. Rebolet provides an all-in-one reselling help to make e-commerce more profitable and sustainable by processing, analysing and reselling returns and overstock.



Welcome to Luis Ferreo, VIPFICATED

Products over 300€ are very difficult to be sold in second-hand marketplaces due to the lack of trust. That means over 80% of marketplaces value which implies a huge opportunity cost and the overexploitation of human and natural resources. VIPficated involves local shops in the solution: selecting impartial professionals and paying them for the verification of second-hand products, so it’s a new source of income without any implementation on their side.


Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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