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Guillaume RIO
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From 2 to 4 December 2020, the whole world (including our experts :)) will gather not in Lisbon this time, but online, for the biggest meeting of geeks : the WebSummit!

A special year, this chestnut tree from the Tech Tours of Echangeur adapts with an online format. For us, the principle remains the same, our experts will debrief each day, with their best findings!

This international exhibition, with more than 160 countries represented, has become a must for all lovers of the technological, digital and innovation ecosystem. This year, the “Davos of the Geeks” is expecting more than 70,000 visitors including startups, VCS, journalists and major Tech groups such as Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Facebook, Google
As every year, WebSummit 2020 will welcome high-flying speakers such as Liang Hua,  Chairman, Huawei, Brad Smith, President, Microsoft, Jimmy Wales, Founder, Wikipedia ou encore Blake Chandlee, Vice President, Tik Tok.

The WebSummit will also offer more than 23 conferences and 30 keynotes to focus on the latest trends in innovation and technology.

With the CES of Las Vegas and Shanghai, the NRF of New York and the SXSW of Austin, this is one of the key observation steps for our experts Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio in the drafting of the #CommerceReloaded report and the conference of the same name.

We offer you a daily immersion through videos debriefs to be found here and on our Twitter @echangeur account to live day by day the highlights of the Websummit ! 

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December 2, 2020 : First day ! Health and Smart City in the spotlight!

Our experts share with you this Thursday the major trends to remember from this first day at WebSummit! One small question: to live to 200 years, impossible, right? Startups, in collaboration with universities, nevertheless make this vast dream conceivable…


December 3 2020 : Mobility, Automobile, Drones for this day 2 ! 

Our 2 experts, Nicolas Diacono & Guillaume Rio are virtually wandering the alleys of the WebSummit of Lisbon.

Today focus on mobility, with Waze who studied the effects of the pandemic on car sharing … The results are clear, covid-19 has really affected carpooling, since people prefer to use their private car see, buy one, rather than taking public transport or car sharing. It does not help reduce our carbon footprint!
Mercedes, for its part, focuses as much on services as on the engine of its cars and reflects on the logic of subscriptions and associated services.
When it comes to mobility and services, delivery is not far off! It was the CEO of Deliveroo who explained to him that his company has done well, since they would have gained 3 years in terms of market penetration compared to their development plan, thanks to the Covid-19.
Finally, delivery is not only done by bike or car, but also increasingly by drones. This is particularly the case with Tesco and the startup Manna in Ireland or the Zipline startup in Rwanda, which quickly delivers blood to hospitals!
See you tomorrow for a new debrief and in the meantime follow us on the subject on twitter with #WebSummit20Ech


December 4 2020 : Food, Health and Tech for Good for this final day! 

Our 2 experts, Nicolas Diacono & Guillaume Rio offer you in the video below their last observations of the WebSummit of Lisbon.

It is the last day at the WebSummit.
The top points to keep in mind are:
Rappi, the columbian mobile app that allows cash peer to peer payments
NotCo, the chilian startup that creates food with AI and vegetables
Ecosia fighting for climate change
– Online doctors in China with We Doctor by Tencent and Ping An Good Doctor
– Ecosystemic logic and platformisation of the economy
This is it for this year’s WebSummit.

Stay tuned, see you soon for the debriefing of CES 2021!


Guillaume RIO
Specialist of BATX & GAFA ecosystems and passionate about China, Guillaume analyzes the impact of new technologies on our lives.
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