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Guillaume RIO
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Viva Technology took place for its 2021 edition in a hybrid format online and in Paris!

Europe’s largest event dedicated to startups and Tech opened its doors from June 16 to 19, 2021.

VivaTech has become an unmissable meeting place for global Tech, both for professionals and the general public. The flagship event is distinguished by its abilityto collaborate large groups and startups and to harmoniously mix business issues and innovation discovery.

On the program this year: a look at global trends, the positive impact of technology and of course projections for the future…

Were present for the 5th edition 13,000 startups, 300 investors, 2,500 journalists, all from more than 120 countries! Don’t miss out on top speakers like Tim Cook CEO of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook, or Thibaud Hug de Larauze CEO of Back Market.

Our experts have delivered their debriefs to you day by day:

Debrief Day 1: sustainability first!

First day at Viva Technology 2021 for this 5th edition which takes place from 16 to 19 June in Paris!

Our experts are delighted to be back on the road to physics fairs, with real startups and real meetings. 

The program of this first day is about sustainability, the circular economy that is gradually becoming part of our daily lives. At the show, 3 startups: Grow your own cloud, Trizzy and Kippit are working to offer more sustainable solutions. Our experts, Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono tell us more in video!

Watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here

Debrief Day 2 : Bio mimicry to fight against cyber-attacks

Great discovery on this second day at the famous Vivatech innovation trade show in Paris : Flying taxis with Evotl and CapS, new generations of aquaponics farms with Pop Farm.

Finally bio mimicry is well presented by the french startup Bioxegy. They observe interactions between insects to find solutions to fight against cyber-attacks!

Watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here

Last Day : Selfies are everywhere!

Last day at Viva Technology 2021, and it is not without tired that our experts deliver their favorite startups of this edition!

First, they discovered Didimo, a Portuguese company that offers, thanks to a 90-second scan, to have your own avatar, which can then be transposed into games, or even into commerce. The virtual fitting is coming soon!

Still in the selfie universe, but this time with health concerns, I-Virtual with a 40-second selfie makes your health diagnosis. Among other things, the startup can analyze your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, anxiety levels… Long live future telemedicine!

We end with a beautiful crush: Zei. The startup supports companies in their efforts to combine business and social and environmental responsibility. Who says the three can’t coexist?

Watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here

Find the full VivaTech 2021 debrief in a dedicated webinar on June 29!

Relive the daily debriefings of our experts on Twitter #VIVATECH21ECH

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