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[#VIVATECH19ECH] Echangeur at Viva Technology !

Matthieu JOLLY
5 minutes
For the 4th year in a row, VivaTechnology is back at Porte de Versailles in Paris from May 16th till 18th!

credit: Vivatech

In just 3 years, Viva Technology has become the unmissable event of the Global Tech in Europe with more than 100,000 participants in 2018. Viva Technology is distinguished by its ability to allow large corporations to collaborate with startups and to mix harmoniously business issues with discovery of innovations for all audiences.

More than 450 speakers from around the world have come, including some of the biggest names in global tech: Jimmy Wales Founder WikipediaGinni Rometty Chairman, President and CEO IBMKen Hu Deputy Chairman, Rotating Chairman HuaweiMickey Mikitani Chairman and CEO Rakuten, Inc

The 9 Tech tendencies covered in 2019 

AI infiltrates everywhere,
5G unfolds,
Cryptos collapse and blockchain takes off,
– The era of quantum computing has begun,
Connected health and modified genetics,
New race to space,
Mobility and autonomy in sight,
– Unscaling


Echangeur at Vivatech, in 2019 we innovate !

This year, Echangeur will of course be present on the BNP Paribas stand (J23) and we will offer guided tours of the show: our famous floortours. You will recognize us thanks to our polos ?

We recommend you to attend the keynote with Cécile Gauffriau, our director and Matthieu Jolly, our service and innovation manager on the topic “Engaged Retail” on Friday 17/05 at 8:30 am at the pitch area of the BNP Paribas stand (J23).

Also, please, join the round table dedicated to engagement, which will be led by Nicolas Diacono, our new tech analyst, with Antoine Sire, Director of Corporate Engagement BNP Paribas, and NGOs Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF), Care and Red Cross.

Uzer et EcotreeOn the booth BNP Paribas, Echangeur is very pleased to host 2 startups Eugene by Uzer that helps improving the way we recycle packagings, and also Ecotree, that allow people to invest in responsibly managed forests. Come to meet them on booth J23 under the banner Echangeur!

Last but not least, on Saturday we have the honor of being part of the jury of the first “Next Startupper challenge” organized by VivaTech, which will reward students with the most promising tech startup projects.

Finally, we offer a daily immersion with live videos to find here on the dedicated page on our site or on our Twitter account to live hour by hour live our highlights of VivaTech! Follow us on this event with #Vivatech19ech and #Vivatech on twitter !

You can watch here the previous edition of Viva Technology


Prepare your visit at VivaTech

VivaTech is an enormous show. It can therefore be difficult to find your way. We highly recommend to download the app in order to get the most of it.
In addition, Echangeur helps you to prepare your visit. On 7 different topics, we identified here a selection of startups that we think worth a look !


What’s hot – Direct from VivaTech – Thursday May 16th 2019

10pm : Welcome on Vivatech !


12am : It’s already lunch time, a photo summary after a morning of exploration !


2pm : Elisabeth’s crush for the translating headsets of the startup #TimeKettle


4pm : Matthieu explains us the English startup Mirriad, which is able to make post production advertising inserts!


6pm: It’s debriefing time with Nicolas about this first day at VivaTech! (English version)


What’s hot – Direct from VivaTech – Friday May 17th 2019

8:30am : Cécile Gauffriau & Matthieu Jolly presented their keynote on an engaged retail within the pitch zone of the booth BNP Paribas. Read the executive summary here with the essential of the keynote.

Keynote Retail Engaged VivaTech


10am : Elisabeth introduces this second day with the major moments to come at VivaTech


12am : Guillaume presents us his gold nugget of the day : Affect-Tag that measures the emotions through micro-sweating


2pm : Matthieu reveals his favorite startup of the day : Lululab AI skincare for a perfect skin !


6pm : This is time for the debriefing of this second day dedicated to B2B by Nicolas !

What’s hot – Direct from VivaTech – Saturday, May 18th 2019

2pm : Interview of the startup EcoTree, that was on the corner Echangeur on the Booth of BNP Paribas


4pm : Matthieu talks about the first Next Startupper Challenge VivaTech. He was lucky to be part of the jury of this Next Startupper Challenge VivaTech. This challenge rewards the best projet, within 12 other projects of tech startups developed by students from top universities. The students came to pitch their concept in 3 minutes in front of the jury. The winner is the startup NeoLithe (Polytechnique), that transforms garbages into cement to build roads and houses. The price of the public was attributed to Ok Alfred with its bracelet that can detect when someone falls for parkinson patients.


6pm : Serge shares his views on this 3rd day at VivaTech !

VivaTechnology 2019 is closing its doors for this year… It was a very rich session. Follow us for the CES Shanghai in June and see you next year for VivaTech 2020 !!!


Find our complete debrief of Vivatech which took place on May 24 in the showroom Echangeur. For an hour, our experts Guillaume Rio, Elisabeth Menant and Nicolas Diacono presented the latest technological trends they could see on the show


Matthieu JOLLY
Facing with the changes in retail, today's innovations help Matthew to think about tomorrow's relationship between the brand and the consumer.
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