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From 20 to 22 April 2021, our expert Nicolas Diacono is ready! He will participate for the first time in Collision online.

This is the fastest growing technology fair in recent years!

Like the North American WebSummit held in Lisbon, #Collisionconf is a major crossroads of meetings between trade actors, investors, technology companies and startups to shape the world of tomorrow.

In short, Collision is the “Technology Olympic Games” – Politico, despite the current uncertain times, will bring together more than 40,000 people!

Check out the daily debriefs of our expert tomorrow on the essential points to remember from this edition of Collision 2021! And follow live on Twitter with #COLLISION21ECH!

Debrief Day 1: Gaming, NFT, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and… health!

This first day of Collision 2021 was first animated around discussions about gaming that has been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic, video games fulfilling a social function that is sorely lacking during this period. We also talk about NFT (non-fungible token), blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and their ecological impacts. For example, you can buy the best moments of the NBA with NBA TopShot, own them and iron them when you feel like it! Finally, we find a key topic of the moment: health! With the startup Grail, owned by Jeff Bezos, which makes it possible to detect fifty cancers, thanks to a blood test…

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Debrief Day 2: Towards carbon-neutral mobility and smart cities?

Second day of Collision 2021 and new debrief by Nicolas Diacono!

On the agenda today: mobility with Boom Supersonic which plans to create a new Concorde twice as fast as the current ones, and also with a carbon neutral balance! Smartcity is back, and Terminus Group is partnering with the city of Dubai to create a fully autonomous city with AI and algorithms. Finally, we are talking about innovations around sport and GenZ, which requires more political and social commitment by athletes. In this trend, the OverTime platform in the United States, which highlights young athletes and remunerates them to avoid being exploited by University systems.

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Last Day Debrief: The latest trends in Collision 2021

Last day of Collision 2021, and last debrief by our expert Nicolas Diacono. 

Notable topics of the day include: Conferences on InsurTech (insurance sector technology) with Lemonade, an insurance company that gives back each year the excess of contributions collected to charitable associations, which its insured people choose! FinTech with startup Tala, which offers micro-financing and financial inclusion, particularly in India and Africa.

Finally, was elected winner of the pitch competition of startups, Couply, a gamification app for couples life! With this app, you are sure to find a colorful couple’s life!

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Relive this 2021 edition on Twitter with #COLLISION21ECH!

As an expert in emerging technologies, Nicolas travels to innovation shows around the world to spot and analyse the new trends.
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