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Take Away: Meet with iStaging’s CEO who shares his vision of the Asian market!

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
2 minutes
Take away is a new video format that offers an interview of an actor in our ecosystem telling us about his market.

For this first episode of Take Away, we went to meet Johnny Lee, CEO of iStaging and Rene Fang, COO of iStaging, to tell us about the Asian ecosystem.

The asian market and its specificities 

Johnny Lee, CEO of iStaging focuses on the Taiwanese market, the startups ecosystem there, the adavantages of the asian market and the maturity of the consumers in regard to new technologies, especially new ways of payment.


AR and VR in Asia and the impact of AI 

Rene Fang , COO of iStaging, shares her vision of AR and VR in the Asian market. She tells us about the futur of these technologies and how AI now impacts these 2 technologies. She explains also their new solution : TourRing.


iStaging makes it easy to capture, share and visualize spaces and products. This facilitates the creation of innovative ideas and experiential journeys that allow customers discoveries. Thanks to the AR and the VR, retailers have access to more engaged customers in larger territories, reducing the gap between the brick & mortar and e-commerce.

Want to know more about the Asian market? Find our special article CES ASIA 2019:

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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