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Summary of this first half of 2022

La Team de l'Echangeur
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The entire Echangeur team wishes you a very nice summer vacation! After a year 2021 impacted by the pandemic and despite an uncertain international context, this 1st semester 2022 was extremely rich in things for us. On the program, the resumption of trade fairs with from January the CES and the NRF where you could find Guillaume and Nicolas live, then one of the biggest technology festival with SXSW in Austin without forgetting Shoptalk Europe covered by Elisabeth and Matthieu. And that’s not all ! To end this 1st semester in style, the whole team was on hand to cover and make you benefit from VivaTech, temple of technology and startups.

The four of them therefore resumed their travels in order to cover several destinations like New York, London, Amsterdam but still Paris in order to discover and visit the most innovations of these cities.

The arrival of good weather also coincided with that of the Access Panel 2022 Belgium, Spain, France and Portugal. Caroline, Amandine and Ekena analyzed 14,000 individuals to identify their consumption habits and measure their evolution compared to January 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 and lockdowns.

After the summer break, business resumes in September. The Echangeur experts have already concocted a program rich in events and innovations for the2nd semester 2022. Don’t hesitate take a look at our “events” page concocted by Eloïse so you don’t miss any of our next meetings!

In the meantime, here is the report of this first semester seen by each expert of the Echangeur!

NFTs, Metavers and Web3 … more than a buzz, a ground swell

This first half of 2022 was clearly marked by the buzz around NFTs, Metavers and Web3. Between fantasies, disillusions, speculations, opportunities and successes there are a lot of lessons to be learned on these subjects. First of all, we must see NFTs (Non Fungible Token) as the potential infrastructure of the Internet of tomorrow, of customer relations in the Web3 , logistics traceability or tomorrow property title management. The tokenization of goods can pave the way for a new form of investment whether in real estate, energy or even why in companies. As for the Metavers, the current buzz must be tempered because for the moment this concept can be compared to the equivalent of the Internet of 1996. But the association of tech giants (Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia,..) with distributors like Ikea to define the Metavers standards could well accelerate the explosion of this concept. The evolution of the Internet towards Web3 is under construction. Web3 could finally allow users to consume, produce content but also to finally own their data. It is this notion of ownership that makes all the difference with Web 2.0 in which our data is monetized by technological platforms. These 3 closely linked concepts are therefore to be followed closely in the coming months in order to understand the future digital world of the 1930s!

Focus on Bocage and its commitment to the circular economy

After We Play Circular, favorite of the year 2021 of the edition Innovate Service Centric, this first semester saw the addition of visits to Parisian stores the Bocage brand. Touched by the decline in attendance at these stores, but also by consumers who are more careful about their spending, Bocage also wanted to commit to a virtuous approach around the circular economy. While many still wonder about the profitability of the approach, the brand demonstrates that it is possible to combine sustainability and profitability. Starting point, L’Atelier Bocage, a rental service which allows the customer to change the pair of shoes every two months. Once returned and reconditioned in the Montjean-sur-Loire factory, they integrate Comme Neuves, a corner dedicated to second-hand to live a second life. In addition, there is a weekly rental service for special occasions and a shoe repair service for the daily maintenance of these shoes. Put end to end, Bocage offers various ways of consuming that can mix with each other, buying, second-hand, renting, repairing. And it is this diversity of consumption choices offered that is successful!

Between speed and practicality, delivery is changing

A year ago Quick Commerce was making headlines with an explosion of players like Gorillas, Jokr, Getir, Flink, Cajoo, Gopuff and others Yango Deli. Launched with fundraising, the sector has begun its transformation and is rationalizing, concentrating. Perhaps the consequence of a business model that is looking for itself. Moreover, the promise of a delivery in 10 minutes is erased by a more neutral terminology, “a few minutes“. For his part, the consumer is also reviewing his ambitions. If since the confinements delivery has become a key factor in the customer journey, it is much more reliability than speed that is sought. Many startups have understood this perfectly, offering effective solutions to guarantee the customer a timely receipt of his purchases. By cutting the planet into 3 m² squares, What3words offers the client to indicate the exact location where to drop off your package. No more packages thrown over the fence or dropped off by mistake at a neighbour’s. The latter, thanks to Welco, transforms his house or apartment into a relay open 24/7. The Access Panel 2022 confirms this trend. For well-to-do Belgian, French, Spanish and Portuguese families, the Valuation/Personalization engine is well ahead of that of Facilitation/Time. Ultimately, in 2022, convenience anglicism rhymes with reliability / practicality allowing the customer to eliminate his chores and focus his time on pleasure alone.

Access Panel Echangeur 2022 quantifies post-lockdown digitalization

Launched in France in 2000 by Echangeur, the Access Panel celebrates its 22nd anniversary this year! For this new wave of the survey carried out in January 2022, 14,000 individuals were interviewed: 3,000 Belgians, 3,000 Spaniards, 5,000 French and 3,000 Portuguese. Objective: identify and analyze consumers at 360° to understand their consumption habits but also measure their evolution compared to January 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic and the confinements. Unsurprisingly, we see an acceleration in the digitization of commerce. 24% of Portuguese people have their food shopping delivered to their home (+8 points), 26%% of Belgians pay for their purchases in store with their smartphone (+7 points), 24% of French people are ready to rent a product (excluding cars ) instead of buying it (+5 points) while 53% of Spaniards are ready to buy a car online without having tried it out beforehand (+4 points). Still, if all uses are progressing, we are still far from the tsunami of E-commerce as presented in the media. The vast majority of consumers concentrate their purchases on the Internet on a maximum of 5 sites per year! If you are wondering about your customers … contact the Echangeur! We will organize a presentation of your results compared to those of your direct or indirect competitors. Over 1,700 targets are at your disposal just waiting to be analyzed

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