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Services combating pessimism

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As oil prices continue to fall, French consumers are beginning to show renewed optimism. A first for 8 years. However, most consumers are still worried about the future. The financial crisis has left its mark. More than 50% of the French households polled by the LaSer Access Panel say they have financial constraints. In view of these findings, common to most western countries, some have opted to combat pessimism and re-enchant our everyday life!

Fifth Third Bank
Proceeding from the assumption that a jobless borrower cannot meet his mortgage repayments, the American bank has launched the Homeowner Reemployment programme. The idea is simple: help customers find work again. With this initiative, the bank is shifting its stance by supporting its customers and playing an active part in the life of the community. There is no doubt that the ensuing relationship will be sustainable and profitable.

It is sometimes complicated to successfully sell one’s house. After a few months on the market, it is “blacklisted” and the number of viewings shrinks. To attract future buyers, the Dutch bank ABN AMRO has set up a roller coaster. And it works!

With poor tyre grip your car can get stuck in the snow. The application offered by Audi in Sweden lets you contact the driver of the nearest Audi Quattro. He can then come and rescue you. A simple and effective example of social networks.

Confronted with a 30% drop in theatre attendance after the crisis that hit Spain, a reaction was needed. Theatre company TeatreNeu in Barcelona had a simple idea. With Pay per Laugh, members of the audience only pay if they laugh! Capped at 80 laughs, the initiative allows families to break the monotony of their daily life and find something to smile about again. An idea that would undoubtedly be a great success on our public transport.
As Seneca wrote, these four services demonstrate that “life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Using everyone’s drivers of spending, one can create solutions offering security, comfort or even joy. Enough to create a new relationship with one’s customers.

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