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[RETAIL LEX USA] Live trends and innovations from #CES2019 and #NRF2019

Guillaume RIO
6 minutes
With the end of the year just over, the month of January is off to a flying start for Echangeur with the Retail Learning Expedition 2019.

Indeed, with the #CES2019 (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, followed by the Retail’s Big Show #NRF2019 in New York, our experts in new tech, Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono are on the alert! They accompany a group of customers on these 2 fairs. On the agenda: new technologies (AR, Facial Payment, Autonomous Cars, AI, Robots, Blockchain …) and their impact on retail, which must be more and more engaged!

Once in New York, it’s also an opportunity to have a look at the latest concept-stores and enrich our field experiences in store!

Find below the daily debriefs of our experts on the essential points to remember from this Retail Learning Expedition #LEX2019PF.


DAY 1 @CES Las Vegas

January 8th, 2019
It’s the end of the first day of our experts in Las Vegas on the famous Consumer Electronic Show, 2019 edition. This day spent on the Eureka Park (Tech West), the hall dedicated to health, smart home and startups, shows the development of connected mirrors, as well as connected devices to monitor your health and body (skin, heart…) and to help and prevent incident with babies and seniors. Second stricking point is Amazon Key, the delivery service of amazon that allows to have the parcels  delivered directly in your garage or in your car trunk. Finally like last year, VR, AR and robots are at the fair, even if we don’t see them as often. Watch this débriefing with our 2 experts Nicolas Diacono & Guillaume Rio below. See you tomorrow for another debriefing !


DAY 2 @CES Las Vegas

January 9th, 2019
Day 2 in Las Vegas on the famous Consumer Electronic Show, 2019 edition. Nicolas Diacono live from Tech East, the hall dedicated to the car draws the table of highlights. Of course the autonomous car is on all lips with presentations of concept cars from major global manufacturers. Alexa and Google are starting to conquer this connected car with their assistants. We can see that Alexa even equips bikes … The flying car becomes more and more concrete, especially with Bell presenting a concept that will be used by Uber from 2020. To stay on autonomous vehicles and intelligent , great efforts are made around the ergonomics of the interior space and the dashboard. The windows can even be equipped with augmented reality and the lidars are more and more developed to allow these vehicles to move independently. Finally, on an aspect of resilient technology, Nicolas presents the cardboard microscope to fold and use with his smartphone. Watch the debriefing of Nicolas Diacono below. See you tomorrow for the debriefing of the 3rd day!


DAY 3 @CES Las Vegas

January 10th, 2019
For this 3rd day, focus on China which is very well represented on the CES this year. Beyond the large stands of Baidu, or Suning, our experts have discovered 2 Chinese startups particularly interesting: iflytek specialized in voice recognition, able to translate simultaneously in 62 languages, but also Horizon Robotics, very known because of their involvement in Chinese social scoring thanks to facial recognition. Another favorite in home automation, the connected umbrella to monitor the movement of the sun to continue to protect you throughout the day 🙂 More seriously, a large part is given to the drones on the show. They come in the form of motorcycles (which will be used by the police in Dubai), but also aquatic drones that allows you to go underwater. Finally, little disappointment about the hardware related to the VR and AR. Little novelty on this side … Watch the debriefing of Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono below. See you tomorrow for the 4th and last debriefing of CES 2019!


DAY 4 @CES Las Vegas

January 11th, 2019
This is the last day for our experts on the CES 2019 before flying to New York for the Retail’s Big Show organized by the NRF. The time is therefore in the balance sheet. Major trends are

  • mobility facilitated by autonomous cars is a reality
  • robots as companion of life
  • drones to conquer the air and sea

Finally it is the ecosystem aspect that is remarkable this year since it has taken a prominent place. Everything is interconnected. All the actors diversify their activities and do not stay only in their historical sector. Auto manufacturers are going to health, retailers to logistics, etc. The two big winners are Google and Amazon who are everywhere … especially AlexaWelcome to a multiverse world!

Watch the debriefing of Nicolas Diacono below. See you tomorrow for the 1st debriefing at NRF 2019!


DAY 1 @NRF New York

January, 12th, 2019
This is the first day of our experts on the Retail’s Big Show 2019 at Javis Center in New York. This show, organized by the NRF (National Retail Federation) is the essential meeting point for retailers. Here are the trends of this first day:

  • 2 gold nuggets: Caper, the smart connected cart and Texel, the 3D scan solution
  • omnichannel is not really a reality for retailers according to Forrester
  • ecosystems are developing and retailers need to consider new business models, particularly in regards to value of their audience and the media.

Watch the complete debriefing of Nicolas Diacono below. See you tomorrow for the 2nd debriefing at NRF 2019!


DAY 2 @NRF New York

January 13th, 2019
This is the first day of our experts on the Retail’s Big Show 2019 at Javis Center in New York. Here are the takeways:

  • 1 Gold Nugget : Arylla, the startup that uses nano particle garment labeling and will compete with RFID,
  • unlike the CES where it was the voice that was in the spotlight, the image is everywhere at the NRF: with the recognition that allows the statement of linear, the payment, the analysis of the consumers in store …
  • Scott Galloway made the show on the scene of the NRF by warning against Amazon going to advocate an antitrust …

Watch the complete debriefing of Nicolas Diacono below. See you tomorrow for the 3rd debriefing at NRF 2019!


DAY 3 @NRF New York

January, 14th 2019
For the 3rd day in New York. Our experts focus on the field. Here are the trends to remember:

  • Urban farms are a big bottom line for meeting the growing food needs of the world’s population. Visit of Square Roots, the farm founded by Elon Musk’s brother in Brooklyn.
  • The stores are always more experiential and real places to live like Starbucks, Amazon 4-star, Cover Girl …
  • Particularly interesting conferences with Tanarra Schneider from Fjord on the transparency of brands towards the consumer and with Mohamed Haouache, CEO of Storefront, the airbnb retail that prunes the popup store as the future of retail.

Watch the complete debriefing of Nicolas Diacono below. See you tomorrow on the 21st of March for the conference Commerce Reloaded at Levallois Perret !

Guillaume RIO
Specialist of BATX & GAFA ecosystems and passionate about China, Guillaume analyzes the impact of new technologies on our lives.
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