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[RETAIL LEX USA] Direct from the United States for #CES2020 and #NRF2020 : The best of Tech for Retail !

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With the end of year celebrations just over, January begins on a roll for the Echangeur with the 2020 edition of its traditional Retail Learning Expedition in the USA.

It all started on 7/01 with the #CES2020 (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, followed by the famous Retail’s big Show #NRF2020 in New York. Our 2 experts specializing in new retail technologies, Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono are ready for exploration! They will walk these 2 salons in search of the latest trends not to be missed to stay in the game!

If 2019 has been a year of engagement and preservation of the planet, 2020 promises to be in line with these fundamental trends. New technologies will no doubt play a major role. On the program: new technologies (AR, Facial Recognition, Autonomous Cars, Autonomous flying cars, AI, Robots, Blockchain…) and their impact on our ways of consuming and on retail!

Once in New York, it’s also an opportunity to take stock of the latest concept stores and enrich our in store experiences!

Find below from 7/01, the daily debriefings of our experts on the essential points to remember from this Learning Expedition #EchangeurUSA.


DAY 1 @CES Las Vegas

January 6, 2020

Here we are! Our experts have just finished their first day in Las Vegas on the famous Consumer Electronic Show, 2020 edition. If this day was dedicated to press conferences, this year the IoT or more precisely artificial intelligence in the automotive sector was in the spotlight.

Several brands were present, including the Chinese start-up Byton, which highlighted its concept of a full-service car with voice-activated PDAs. Toyota was also present and presented its innovative project: the construction of a smart city to test its technologies, with a capacity of 2,000 inhabitants. Underground delivery service, home life assistance robots, autonomous vehicles,… All with connected service hubs. Finally, Samsung presented its “companion robot” in the shape of a tennis ball… A new personal assistant!

Watch the debriefing by our 2 experts Nicolas Diacono & Guillaume Rio below. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the debriefing of the 2nd day!

DAY 2 @CES Las Vegas

January 7, 2020

Second day in Las Vegas on the famous Consumer Electronic Show, 2020 edition.

For this second day in Las Vegas on the famous Consumer Electronic Show, 2020 edition, Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio started the visit of the stands at the Convention Center where there are more than 4,500 exhibitors.

During their exploration, our experts encountered the term “ambient computing” on numerous occasions, illustrated in particular by Panasonic, which presented its brand new project: the “Homex”. With multiple detectors present in your home, this innovative concept guides you in your daily tasks. Guillaume explains that this innovation is able to recognize the ingredients you have on hand in order to suggest recipes and guide you in the making of your dish… amazing!

This second day was also placed under the sign of the automobile with of course Sony and its Vision-S that we talked about yesterday, but also, like last year, Amazon and other pure players who presented their innovations around autonomous cars. Surprise this year, the traditional manufacturers are not very present and not very innovative except Mercedes which presented its 85% recyclable car. We end the debrief on Nicolas‘s favorite with Nreal who presented his mixed reality connected glasses allowing to reach a projection of bluffing quality.

Watch the debriefing of our 2 experts below and see you tomorrow for the debriefing of the 3rd day which will be held at Eureka Park, the start-up fair.

DAY 3 @CES Las Vegas

January 8, 2020

Live from Eureka Park of the Consumer Electronic Show, Big focus on health with Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio who explain that Walmart is launching in clinics (Walmart Health Center) as well as in toothbrushes connected with Smile Direct Club, without doubt to thwart Amazon Prime Health.

Nicolas tells us about his favorite innovation with the measurement of blood pressure thanks to the image recognition developed by the startup Sompo Himawari Life. In a few seconds, it is possible to have a medical diagnosis. Second crush on the virtual keyboard developed by the startup Selfie Type a partner of Samsung.

DAY 4 @CES Las Vegas

January 9, 2020

4th day at the Consumer Electronic Show, with our 2 experts. We did a focus on the rise of sensors which are now everywhere. Nicolas Diacono was able to test at Delta Airlines a technology developed by Misapplied Sciences which makes it possible to broadcast 100 different messages on the same screen to 100 different people thanks to body scan.

Finally, big favorites with Belkin, for the water assistant which makes it possible to control the consumption of water and also Lynksis which makes it possible to check the movements of individuals in your house thanks to the measurement of the variations in the field of wifi waves.

Experts will offer us a global CES 2020 debriefing tomorrow ! See you tomorrow !

DAY 5 @CES Las Vegas

January 10, 2020

This is the end of the 2020 edition of the CES. Our 2 Tech experts, Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio share with us their global feedbacks on this famous innovation show.
They have found that this year was clearly a turning point for wearables and health. Many providers of connected devices are now approved by the Food and Drug Federation in the USA, which will now push for a greater democratization. This is the case for the startup DNA Nudge that we interviewed here.

They also noticed that cars are no longer here to transport people from A to B but they are more an extension of our home, like presented by Toyota, Byton or Hyundai. Finally some tech companies like CareOS or Withings manage to provide very complete dashboards to monitor our health and prevent from potential illness in order to live a better life in a better world.
Now our experts are flying to New York City for the NRF Retail’s Big Show !
Stay tuned !


DAY 6 @NRF New York

January 11, 2020

Our experts are now in New York City !!!
They will be going to the NRF Retail’s Big Show tomorrow for the opening of this famous trade show where technological innovation meets with retailers!
In the meantime on their day off, they wandered in big apple to get an update on the best concept stores in town !

Nicolas fell in love with the new Puma flagship store where it’s all about gamification. From Formula One video games to Basketball and Soccer with Griezmann, it’s a wonderful gaming area. On the other hand, an emerging marketing concept arise with the no gender aspect. They discovered Lululemon with their fluid collection where clothes are not specifically for man or woman but for anyone.
Finally, they visited Ikea in NYC, where showrooming is clearly the key element, with sample apartments from different sizes that remind us the “appartement” by Leroy Merlin in Paris.

DAY 7 @NRF New York

January 12, 2020

That’s it, our experts attended the first day of the NRF Big Show 2020 in New York! This unmissable trade show, aimed at retailers, brought together more than 40,000 visitors from all over the world.

During the morning, the CEO of Microsoft gave an introduction revealing this year’s big trend: data and more specifically “computer vision”. If data is everywhere, then retailers must adapt to new technologies and future innovations. In this sense, two start-ups caught the eye of our experts:

  • Vayyar with its radio-frequency radar, which aims to track consumer behavior in stores.
  • Preciate, which presented its latest technological innovation enabling in-store authentication by facial recognition. A technology that has already been deployed in stores in the United States.

Finally, we can say that the deployment of all these tracking recognitions through artificial intelligence is the big trend this year, reminding us of the Walmart store that has been transformed into a real Datacenter laboratory.

Watch the debriefing of Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono in the video below. And stay tuned to follow the next days at the NRF Big Show 2020!

DAY 8 @NRF New York

January 13, 2020

For this 2nd day, our experts went to the Vessel Building, this new observatory located in the heart of New York. Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono spent the day at the Innovation Lab, the center where the best start-ups are selected. 

If the term “computer vision” is this year’s big trend with Amazon Go and many other brands, Guillaume spotted a start-up that has implemented this artificial intelligence technology in the fashion industry. It’s a German start-up, known as Rapitag, which has proposed an anti-theft device that communicates with a smartphone. Thanks to this new innovation, the consumer can access the product sheet of a garment and then buy it. If the consumer decides to buy it, the lock is unlocked, allowing him or her to take it out of the point of sale.

In terms of sustainability, Nicolas was attracted to Nike which is involved in the Artic Shipping Corporate Pledge program. A system for controlling and optimising sea routes for the delivery of raw materials that has less impact on global warming. Finally, our experts attended the NRF French Party during which the health sector was highlighted, at the retail and food industry level, notably with the testimony of Jean-Christophe Flatin from Mars Edge.

Watch the complete debriefing of Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio in the video below. See you tomorrow for the last day at the NRF Big Show 2020 !


January 14, 2020

It’s the last day at the NRF Big Show 2020 for our two experts! If this expedition between the #NRF2020 and the #CES2020 was rich in artificial intelligence or intelligent data, Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono share their assessment of these two key events that mark the beginning of the “innovation” year.

For Guillaume, it was the year of automation, just like the previous year, with the presentation of numerous sensors, “computer vision” by radio waves, and other innovations that allow to measure consumer behaviors. In addition, various platforms emerged, such as Panasonic, which demonstrated its complementary concept at FamilyMart in Japan, a concept that makes it possible to know everything about the customer.

Nicolas, for his part, fell in love with Nordstrom, which he discovered in the streets of New York. A store that offers an impressive range of services! The stores become veritable playgrounds, for example Puma or Camp, a brand for children, who have implemented gaming in their stores.

Finally, there is one thing that stands out from this exploration: if retailers want to shine in the world of retail, they must be innovative in terms of marketing…

Watch the complete debriefing of Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio in the video below. See you on February 16th for our coverage of the Euroshop show in Düsseldorf!

As an expert in emerging technologies, Nicolas travels to innovation shows around the world to spot and analyse the new trends.
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