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Retail Engaged !
How Retail Transformation meets the future of customer engagement

At VivaTech 2019, Cécile Gauffriau & Matthieu Jolly present the keynote on a engaged retail.


The last centuries have witnessed the evolution of retail under the impact of the evolution of society, its organizations and new technologies. The waves of creative destruction of the economist Schumpeter have punctuated the last decades, to successively change the role of trade.

Built on a logistic function, retail gradually applied to develop an increasingly refined offer. Under the impulse of the digital and of a society more and more involved in its consumption, the experience is simplified and enriched, gradually eliminating the transactional culmination. Another relationship is invented between a brand and its customer, at a time when the points of contact are increasing daily.

Faced with the advent of this ambient retail of all times, the question of meaning arises.

What is the purpose of the Distribution when the delivery of the Offer and its variety become a prerequisite?

What is the role of Commerce when the transaction no longer pauses the exchanges?

What is the responsibility of brands when civil society aspires to a more virtuous consumer project?

At the heart of an environment in turmoil, even breaking, a bottom line invites Commerce to invest new missions by committing to embody an ideology of progress for the good of all. Although initiated by some pioneers, and often caught up by the legislator, this shift is not trivial.

Commitment has its requirements. He invites to assume positions by bearing on all the fronts.It is a matter of loyalty and involves brands in crusades whose interest will no longer be profit but what they think is good for our current and future environment.It is a matter of ethics and value when the speed of innovations and practices is faster than the ability to regulate. It requires courage, especially when it comes to privileging the notion of collective progress at the expense of profit, or taking a position when opinions are shared. No more question of giving oneself a good conscience with the logic of confidential philanthropy and CSR dissociated from the main activity.

The time is for transparency and the integration of good intentions in the specifications of companies. CSR and Foundations approaches are thus brought to be an integral part of the company strategy, its offer and finally its customer relationship. To rise to the highest level of the company, the milestones of this commitment will only have an impact if they are supported by all employees. Driven by values ​​that are readable, a strategy displayed, and a coherent offer, the commitment offers a real reason for being to the employees, thus multiplying the energies and the recommendation around a community approach.

A force for all the actors of retail at a time when each protagonist is in search of meaning and revalorization of its acts.


Cécile Gauffriau, Director at Echangeur
Matthieu Jolly, Services & Innovation Manager at Echangeur