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« Mobile Only » at MMA Forum Paris

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The MMA forum Paris of December 4th is the event dedicated to the Mobile Marketing in France. This entitled day the era of “Mobile Only” consisted around 5 big themes: M-Commerce, M-Tourism, M-Entertainment, M-Publicité and M-Paiement. With a digital audience coming from Smartphones and tablets from now on superior to that coming from computers, it is clear that the title takes only more value!

Of numerous marks and personalities were present to free their vision and experiences: Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State of the Digital technology, the Axa, the Carrefour, Easyvoyage, Lagardère, OF MCDONALD, Pierre and Holidays Center Parcs,, SNCF, Universal Music and Warner Bros, Paribas, RadiumOne BNP, Critéo, SFR state control, Solocal, Teads or Still Google in a place unique and steeped in history in the center of Paris (The Station).

According to Thomas Husson from Forrester, ” 85 % of the time spent on Smartphone takes place on 5 apps! ” Outbid by Olivier de Google, «95 % of the downloaded apps are abandoned in 30 days. We pass of mobile moments at the mobile micro-moments, as an example there 43 interactions on a Web site before purchase against 90 on mobile. ”



What was necessary to remember on 3 themes


For the tourism Jean Pierre Nadir (President of Easy Voyages) underlined the threat of Tech Titans for the sector. They want to become ” the caretaker of the traveler ” amplified by their presence on Web and motive(mobile). Jean-Pierre Nadir plans the repurchase of by Apple and TripAdvisor by Facebook. This both Tech Titans would so complete their list of conquests and would win the hand put on the value chain.

Nevertheless, the sector reacts. Pierre *Vacances is going to launch in particular the application ” Planet Holidays ” available for the 7,5 million customers on the various places of this company of leisure activities. Bound in connected objects (ibeacon) numerous projects will be contextualised according to the place, the time to become of real time caretaker.

  • Last October, Accor launched a plan to 3 in 5 years of 225 million euros of investment in which the mobile is in the center of their strategy. Beyond the Digital Management, the digitalisation of Accor is a reality anchored by the Executive management until all the collaborators. With 12 % of sales via the Accor application Accor/, this free application multistands out with the group includes numerous services :
  • AccorLocalisez-vous Find the hotel nearby in minuteCheck – last one in on-line from 2 days before the stay.
  •  The homepage of the app contextualise and suggests realizing the on-line check-in to save time on arrival in the hotel.
  •  Soon the possibility of “Lock Door” via the application of hotels Pullman is going to be launched. It would so cover all the continuum of the customer relationship.


According to Criteo, in the UK the e-commerce is carried by the mobile. For information, 48 % of sales are made on mobiles against 24 % in France. But the champion any category is Japan with 54 %.
Thierry Petit, co-founder and co-managing partner of Private Showroom, announced to collect more than 200 million euros on mobile in 2014, among which 75 % on Apps aimed at(bound for) the women. Boncoin, as for him, counts 40 % of its sales on mobile.


PayPal generated 27 billion transactions in the world in 2013 or + 99 % of increase with compared with 2012,150 millions via mobile and 6 millions in France.
For PayPal, the payment must be practically transparent in the customer route. Two examples begin this movement:

  • Uber, enter other, suggests paying in a single click, when the majority of taxis recommend the liquid to the detriment of the credit card
  • Uber just like McDonald is going to develop their ” PayPal One click ” by substituting the code to be seized by the use of the fingerprint on Smartphone.

Mentioned during the same Round Table, the PowaTag application allows any smartphone to recognize numerous signals: bar codes, QR codes, audio tags, NFC or still Bluetooth Low Energy. When we lean an advertising there, it is possible to start an action from an advertising poster or from a advert on the television. This type of action can be the sharing of a product on Facebook, its addition in a wishlist or in a basket, for a purchase. This use is used by Tesco for products ” Take Away “. They won on average eight minutes of wait by customer.

In conclusion, the mobile is erasing barriers between the One and the Offline. The habits of the consumers so pass from a universe to the other one according to their needs. But also within companies, this phenomenon leads to the transformations and obliges them to rethink their organization to face these new stakes.

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