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[LEX WEBSUMMIT 2017] Live from Lisbon, the top trends of the Davos for Geeks

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Each year the experts of Echangeur fly to Portugal to attend to the big meeting for all the geeks on the planet : the WebSummit !

This “must go” show takes place from November 6th till 9th, and it gathers in one place all the tech, digital and innovation ecosystems. With the CES in Las Vegas and the NRF in New York, this is a mandatory step for our experts. It is a great opportunity to observe what the future holds and it is a milestone to start writing the report #CommerceReloaded and to prepare the conference where they present their analyses, which will take place on March, 8th, 2018 ! SAVE THE DATE in your diary !

Find below the daily debriefing of our experts !


Nicolas Diacono, Technogical Trends expert at Echangeur with Thomas Bertrand from the Digital Lab of BNP Paribas Personal Finance present you the key points of this 1st day at the Web Summit 2017. On the menu: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the question of responsibility of Robots with Sophia as well as autonomous cars.


Nicolas Diacono comes back on the hottest trends observed at the WebSummit on this day 2.
A special focus on 2 startups, the french Snips that works on  AI and voice recognition to fight against  Amazon Alexa, and Lumen Research based in London that offers eye tracking solutions dedicated to improve UX design thanks to the built-in camera of mobile devices. Other hot topics of the day : AIrobotic, E-Sport and a hard question of  ethic and the role of humans in all these technological innovations.


This is the last day of the WebSummit. Our experts really had a crush on a very interesting startup called : that offers to play with teleportation through augmented reality. The major topics of the day are : AI, with a specific focus on voice recognition and voice as the interface between humans and machines, the smart city and how blockchain plays a major role to facilitate transactions, authentification, and loyalty in this context. Finally, the main feeling about the Websummit remains that it is THE place to be for startups, prospectivists and investors !

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