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[LEX USA] Live from the Learning Expedition of the experts of Echangeur at #CES2018 Las Vegas and at #NRF2018 in New York

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Every year, January is a very busy month for Echangeur with 2 unmissable events : #CES2018 (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, followed by the Retail’s big Show #NRF2018 in New York. Our 2 experts in new technologies, Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono are very excited about this study trip and also accompany during this trip a group of clients. On the menu: new technologies, (AR, VR, IA, Robots, Visual Recognition,Blockchain…) and their impacts on retail !

Being in the United States is also a great opportunity for Echangeur to check out the latest concept-stores in New York in order to enrich our onsite experiments in stores !

You will get insights in our daily debriefings by our experts on the key elements to remember of this Learning Expedition #LEX2018PF

DAY 1 @CES Las Vegas

January 9th, 2018
Our experts spent their first day in Vegas at the Consumer Electronic Show, 2018 edition. Watch here their impressions and observations right after the fair, presented in video by Guillaume Rio, our Technology & Partnerships Manager.

DAY 2 @CES Las Vegas

January 10th, 2018
Second day on the CES 2018. Following the automotive report published early January by Observatoire Cetelem, which underline the fact that consumers are more and more mature towards the concept of autonomous cars, Nicolas Diacono shares with us his observation on site on the topic.

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Therefore today we do a special focus on Autonomous cars, a very hot trend here on the fair. Cameras, Radars, Lidars, connected screens… car manufacturer are being very innovative by using all these new technologies. Also the concept of smart city is more and more present here at the Consumer Electronic Show since autonomous cars help fighting against traffic jams and allow to see the car not as a property but as the a usage, as seen at Hyundai Mobis, that positionnes itself as a mobility provider.

DAY 3 @CES Las Vegas

January 3rd, 2018
Third day on the fair CES 2018. Nicolas Diacono presents us from the Top Golf Restaurant in Vegas, the debriefing of this particularly rich day : with several strong innovations. Today one of the topic that really interested Echangeur was the smart speakers and their integration into smart homes, leading to a complete smart ecosystem ! This lets us see a very connected future right inside our homes : robots as a life companion, connected smart speakers, under water drones… the list of smart devices is pretty long …

DAY 4 @CES Las Vegas

January 12th, 2018

Last day on the #CES2018 for Echangeur. Our experts Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio share with you their impressions and key learnings. A few startups caught up their attention working on cryptocurrencies (Ledger), cloud solutions (Shadow), as well as image recognition which is now reaching extremely accurate levels and bringing a new dimension to retail. On this topic, they met with startups like XXIIgroup or Aipoly. Also one of the key question to look at now is what giants like google or amazon are going to do with all the data that they collect on individuals…

DAY 5 @NRF New York

January 13th, 2018

On our 5th day of our learning trip our experts Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio headed to NYC for the #NRF2018 Retail’s Big Show. As they arrived one day before the opening of the show, this was a great opportunity to check out the latest concept stores in town. Nicolas Diacono makes a special focus on millenials. There is a specific offer here for them, with stores such as Nike, American Eagle, Kellogg’s or the latest B8ta at Macy’s. All these stores, offer a special experience. Combining customisation of the products, with useful services such as laundromats in the American Eagle store at Union Square…

DAY 6 @NRF New York

January 14th, 2018

6th day of our learning trip: our expert Guillaume Rio gives you a special focus on the #NRF2018 Retail’s Big Show. If the trends on this first day are somehow similar to the ones observed at the #CES2018, it is important to mention that AI is everywhere. Especially with image recognition… It is being used for logistics coupled with robots, but also to personalise products or with chatbots. Finally, big news this year, Apple came as a speaker at the #NRF2018 and revealed the launch of 3 apps for retailers : business chat to communicate with sales assistant, indoor maps to find your way in stores, and NFC Core to get information on products simply by tapping…

DAY 7 @NRF New York

January 15th, 2018

7th day of our learning trip: our expert Nicolas Diacono comes back on the Gen Z and their new consuming behaviours. They are willing to be much more involved in the design process of products as well as on the marketing. Also personal assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are now everywhere and very well accepted by consumers within their homes… most of them considering the device as a new friend… Finally we get some insights from the Alibaba conference with the talk of US Alibaba president who shared very impressive figures on the chinese market, on the power of Alibaba and on the future of retail

DAY 8 in the USA

January 16th, 2018

It’s time now for our 2 experts Guillaume Rio and Nicolas Diacono to leave the USA to come home… But before leaving, they share with us their key insights of this Learning Expedition #LEX2018PF on this 2 fairs #CES2018 and #NRF2018. AI is everywhere and especially with facial and voice recognition. It really works on simplifying the customer journey. Also Autonomous cars are a reality and will definitely impact the way we see mobility and cities in the future, leading to smarter cities. Finally, China is becoming more and more impressive with a major role in the ecommerce industry as demonstrated by Alibaba during the conference at the #NRF2018.
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