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[Virtual LEX #SXSW21ECH] Back for South by South West 2021!

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This year, after the cancellation of the 2020 edition, our expert Nicolas Diacono is ready to attend the return of the unmissable event South by South West Festival 2021 online!

In addition to the film and music aspects, which are the historical pillars of the festival, #SXSW really is a prospective event. This meetup, which takes places from March 8th till March 17th, focuses on interactive and digital medias. It has become a very inspirational hub nourished by brilliant conferences led by very high caliber speakers (such as James Cameron, Melinda Gates or Indra Nooyi). Views expressed are as wide as Healthsportfood, social impact, VR & AR, startups, new techdesign, coding, or governments.

In a nutshel, SXSW is a creative and boosting explosion!

Find below the daily debrefings of our expert on the key takeaways of this Learning Expedition at SXSW2021! And follow us on twitter with #SXSW21ECH

Day 1 : The future of food at the heart of debates

Today, our expert Nicolas Diacono looks back on the first day of virtual LEX at South By South West 2021. The theme of the day: food, and especially its future, oriented around aqua farming.

The other notable trend: shopstreaming, coming from Asia, this new mode of consumption reaches Europe and the United States, notably thanks to the startup Klarna. Finally, Amy Webb unveils her annual report on technology trends, AI… and their impact on our society. The projections for the world in 2036 are not very optimistic… 

Day 2: Atypical subject around Sextech!

Second day at South by South West 2021 online! First atypical subject : sextech! With Bryony Cole, CEO of Future of sex, conference about pleasure and prevention. Other subject, again atypical around Cannabis, and the business linked to this recreational system in the US. Finally, the Dayrize marketplace, which allows to buy products which are only ecoresponsible.

Day 3: Sustainability and aging of the population

Welcome to this 3rd debriefing of the famous show SXSW. Today, our expert Nicolas Diacono will be talking about sustainability with great startups like UPM (bio fuel), Woodly (plastic made out of wood) or Ioncell (Textil recycling without using chemicals). Finally he’ll conclude with the aging of the population and how startups and technology will help managing it.

Day 4: At the conquest of space for this final debrief

The last debrief of this SXSW 2021 fully online with our expert Nicolas Diacono.
For this last episode, it is a question of the conquest of space, in particular of Mars, but also of the thorny question of the law of space. How does it work when you have to manage waste in space … because here too you have to work to stop polluting space.
Finally Nicolas addresses the issue of banning social networks for people under 18, since these social networks would generated violence according to some SXSW analysts.

As an expert in emerging technologies, Nicolas travels to innovation shows around the world to spot and analyse the new trends.
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