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Echangeur at the “Stratégie Client” trade show with Erdil

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Christine Peyraud-Magnin, Consumer Profiling Manager at Echangeur, participated to the expert conference on client feedback last tuesday, april 12th, with the Startup Erdil.

Erdil is a specialist of tailor made solutions that analyse automatically the messages of clients.

The topic of the conference was :
Within all the clients’ feedback, how to choose those that will need an action (individual or global) 

Listening, analysing, alerting and putting in place an appropriate action: This composes the balance of the client satisfaction.

Today, companies need to think of the customer relationship of tomorrow. The consumers are becoming consum’actors as they claim their expectations and wills, pushing brands to change the way they interact with them.

Companies need to carefully manage their customer relationship and gain great knowledge in order to better understand them and to collaborate. It is very important to identify what are the key elements that will impact the company’s performances.
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