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Echangeur reveals its study on “Executive women at the digital era” at the Conference PF au Féminin on November 21st

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Last monday night the conference PF* au féminin was taking place in Levallois Perret. This event underlines the talents and initiatives led by women in a professional environment. This year, the conference was focusing on the topic : “What if digital was an opportunity for women ?”  and gathered 5 female speakers specialised in the digital industry, coming from big corporations, (Google, BNP Paribas) or startups (Sarenza, l’Ecole Supérieur du Digital, JFD Connect).

In this context, Echangeur, that has a good proportion of women in its team, shared some key learnings from its study “Executive women at the digital era”.

This study is based on the Access Panel Echangeur, a broader study owned and conducted by Echangeur by BNP Paribas Personal Finance on budget analyses and consumption patterns of the french population. To achieve this, 10500 representative respondents have been taken into account (through an on field questionnaire conducted on january 2016 by mail with TNS Sofres).

We learn, that executive women have the same level of digital equipment as men. They see digital with a logic of usage in order to serve their values and aspirations. Naturally leaders (86% of executive women continue to take care of the groceries Vs 50% of executive men) executive women are seeking a new way of consuming with a stronger tie with collaborative and local economy. Both influencers and influenced, they like to share their advices and they give credit to the opinions of their counterparts. They have therefore a stronger presence on content sharing platforms (videos or photos) such as Instagram and they use intant messaging platforms much more than men (22% Vs 18% executive men)

Sur scene PF au féminin

Two major trends arise : come back to authenticity and sustainable development as 74% look for ways to get in touch with true things in life, to better manage energy consumption and to achieve life balance 73% think that consuming less is a more responsible behavior for the planet.

Finally one of the boldest points is that women’s willingness to be entrepreneur reaches the same level as men. This has been strongly and clearly illustrated by the 5 female speakers. They all put the accent on the necessity to go for it no matter what ! 

You can download the complete study here Executive women at the digital (French only)

Les Femmes Cadres à l'heure du digital

(*NDLR: PF au Féminin = BNP Paribas Personal Finance au Féminin)

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