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From June 26th until June 28th, a part of the team Echangeur flew down to South Africa to join the teams of RCS for the RCS Retail Summit 2018 which takes place in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


For the 2nd consecutive year, Echangeur co-hosts this Retail Summit organised by RCS and animates through a series of conferences [#CommerceReloaded & #InnovateServiceCentric] which talk about the latest technologies and innovative services that have an impact on consumer patterns and therefore on retail.


The conferences are completed by a village of innovations co-created with startups partners of Echangeur. Indeed the technological solutions of admoTV, iStaging, Ownest, l’Arrondi, Retency, Pop&Link, Syte, Soyooz, JYC and Mishipay can be tested by participants of the event. They will then get a clear picture of the benefits of using these innovations as well as a good understanding of their impact on the customer journey. This customer journey becomes seemless and frictionless.


Follow the event directly on twitter with #RCSretailsummit2018