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adresse de la conférence ISC17ECH

Echangeur invites you to come on November 8th to the 6th edition of its Innovate Service Centric conference #ISC18ECH. You will fully understand the transformation of commerce !



Faced with the prospects of a fractured and unbalanced world, states legislate, economic actors make up, society gets involved, trade reinvents itself.

Responsibility, Positive Impact, Common Good, are the values ​​of the new Commerce. It must be commendable and hopeful. When technology giants impose their rules of the game, the ambient retail announced by the Echangeur paves the way for new types of exchanges, based on trust and recommendation.

Behind a Net Promoter Score (NPS) hides a profound transformation of the business. The transaction is no longer the keystone and the conversation guarantees the quality of the commitment. It is this conversation that inspires commerce. It makes it evolve around propositions of human value and service where reason rhymes with emotion.

The proliferation of initiatives testifies to the progress of the trade. From the Nespresso virtual queue, to the rounded solidarity of microDON through the valuation of communities of Tesco enthusiasts, brands are expanding their service offerings at a time when they are questioning the fact of agreeing with the Google Assistant and Amazon Echo …



·         Trends & best practices

·         Key Learnings on Clients – Access Panel France 2018*

·         Testimonials of special guests

·         A selection of Startups

·         Village of Innovations


Book your seat now for the 2018 edition of our event Innovate Service Centric



08:30 | Welcome coffee – Village of Startups – Networking

09:30 | Conference Innovate Service Centric

12:00 | Drinks – Village of startups – Networking

13:00 | End of the event



Top management, Strategic, Innovation, R&D, Digital, Marketing, Communication, HR, Engagement, RSE… from the retail and service sector. 



You will receive before the conference, the trend report Innovate Service Centric 2018 as well as its handbook 2018, which are great tools to start imagine your future services !

Don’t wait any longer, and book now and benefit from the early bird rate until septembre 30th 2018.




*Access Panel is the client knowledge tool of Echangeur based on a database of several thousands of households (France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal).
Net Promoter Score, is a brand new part of Access Panel France 2018, and will be the highlight of our event #ISCECH18