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Web3, NFT: the key to customer loyalty?

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In an ever-changing technological world, companies are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain customers. Two recent examples, Grab and Lufthansa, illustrate perfectly how the Web3 is changing the game in terms of customer loyalty.

NFT vouchers

Grab, the Southeast Asian super-app, has 35 million active users and has just reached a milestone by integrating services related to Web3. Grab recently launched a project of NFTs that are exchangeable vouchers to access unique experiences.

Image du Singapore Pitstop Pack de Grab
Image credit : Fave

Grab users can use these NFT vouchers to dine at a restaurant in Singapore, they function as vouchers. In return, they receive a digital collectible in their Grab wallet. Grab app users are encouraged to use as many good NFTs as possible to collect as many digital items as possible. The more digital collections they have, the more rewards they can access, such as access to the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prize. Grab demonstrates its ability to reinvent itself by using the latest technologies to offer an exceptional customer experience.

The “Source” mobile plan by Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom offers a unique approach to customer loyalty with its “Source” mobile plan.

The French operator has taken a new step by integrating an NFT platform directly into the mobile application of its subscribers. NFT, in addition to providing rewards for subscribers, provides access to exclusive benefits, such as a virtual currency to support associations or exclusive offers from partners of the operator. This flexibility allows Source subscribers to freely access and transfer their rewards, which represents a paradigm shift in the world of customer loyalty.

For Bouygues, the NFT is becoming a new communication channel with a more engaged customers, thanks to a fun quest path within the mobile app. This innovative approach redefines the notion of fidelity.

Interface Gouttes de Bouygues Telecom - Projet NFT

Uptrip, the NFT app for travelers

In the travel area, Lufthansa, the famous airline, has also understood the potential of NFT to improve the customer experience. At the heart of its loyalty program is the Uptrip partner app. When passengers use Lufthansa, they can scan their boarding pass in the Uptrip app and turn it into a souvenir NFT. In addition, the program incorporates gamification elements to make the NFT collection experience even more engaging. This is to take the principle of collectible cards and complete to unlock access to benefits.

Subsequently, these NFTs offer travelers multiple benefits, such as VIP lounge access, upgrades, special status and travel miles.

Application Uptrip - Carte d'embarquement souvenir NFT

These different approaches highlight the agility that Web3 brings to companies to develop innovative loyalty programs without having to rethink their entire communications system and reach their customers.

Whatever some media may say, the NFT and Web3 have opened up exciting new possibilities for customer loyalty. More and more companies are deploying these technologies to reward loyalty, deliver unique experiences and push the boundaries of customer engagement. It is clear that we are at the dawn of an era where customer loyalty could quickly move in the world of Web3.

As an expert in emerging technologies, Nicolas travels to innovation shows around the world to spot and analyse the new trends.
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