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Guillaume RIO
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While more and more health apps appear every day, as obesity develops, could the till receipt be the best medium for prevention? English designer Hayden Peek is convinced it is!

The facts

Add computer graphics on the till receipt to raise nutritional awareness!

The solution is simple. Symbols in bright colours are printed on the bottom of each till receipt identifying different categories: calories, sugar content, saturated fat content…

If your shopping basket contains unwanted categories in excess, they are printed in red.


According to British designer Hayden Peek: “The numbers are too technical, and quite frankly who really understands what two grams of sugar or 845 calories means? Who has the time to work out all these figures?”


If applications or public health campaigns are not part of everyone’s daily life, then perhaps these figures should be seen elsewhere. For the record, according to a Comscore survey, 65% of people do not download apps and make do with the native apps. 42% of people spend their time using only one app, generally social media or their e-mail. All the more so as most health apps, beyond their physical activity tracking function, need to combine the nutritional data you consume. Which means entering each figure in your app manually (or by scanning at best), a tiresome task that is quickly dropped.


This clear, colourful and graphic display about an imponderable of your purchasing process raises customer awareness at a strategic moment! Retailers could get the data from their databases. This idea simply prompts them to use their data in a new way.

If there was an app for that, there is now a till receipt for that!

Guillaume RIO
Specialist of BATX & GAFA ecosystems and passionate about China, Guillaume analyzes the impact of new technologies on our lives.
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