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Guillaume RIO
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At CES ASIA 2019, Suning introduced its own OS (operating system) BIU + to aggregate all its cross-functional services for the ‘well-being‘ of its customers, a world first!

Leading the industry in creating a higher quality of life for all !

Suning, giant of the Chinese specialized distribution, echoed in Europe during 2 separate events: the acquisition of 70% stake in the football club of Inter Milan in 2016 and last June by taking over 80% of the activities French distributor Carrefour in China.

More specifically, or Suning Commerce Group has more than 1,600 stores covering more than 700 cities in China and Japan, as well as, an online commerce site that ranks among the top three Chinese B2C companies.

If Suning is also one of the best representatives of ‘smart retail‘ or ‘online-to-offline‘ (O2O), Suning has a much more ambitious strategy whose slogan is “Leading the industry in creating a higher quality of life for all“. ! For this Suning has emerged from its core business for 5 years by developing through 9 vertical panels: Retail, Logistics, Financial Services, Health, Smart Home, Real Estate, Automotive, Sports, Media and entertainment (gaming).



To facilitate the use of these seamless services, the Chinese group launched at CES Asia 2019 its own OS Biu + like the IOS Apple, a total disruption in the world of retail. As an example, it will be possible for its 600 million registered customers to control its smart home, to make transactions on its bank account, to make purchases, to access telemedicine consultations … services led by the Asian group.

Suning becomes a platform of life!

The retail sector, like other sectors, is being hit hard by the wave of platforming by major digital players.

In China, this confrontation goes well beyond their own sector, in fact the BATX acquire or open divisions in artificial intelligence, in IoT, but also in health, banking, automotive and many others are expanding their range of ubiquitous offerings.

Suning’s desire to include its customer in a broad service package (banking, healthcare, retail …) and to make user experience fluid through its Biu + OS, like Apple or an Amazon Premium for recruiting and loyalty ambition is a matter of survival.

Unique identification, multiple service platform (health, leisure, banking …) based on the IOT whose core is an AI fueled by the multiple exchanges of users (consumers, customers) seems to draw the model of trade / ambient service of tomorrow.

If the historical actors are slow to enter this gap, Suning seems to be the exception!

Guillaume RIO
Specialist of BATX & GAFA ecosystems and passionate about China, Guillaume analyzes the impact of new technologies on our lives.
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