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Kappo is a mobile app that tracks cyclists in a fun way and delivers data used to develop and improve towns and cities

The facts

The principle is simple because you only need to create your “cyclist” avatar in the mobile app then you cycle everywhere, taking your mobile with you. The app tracks your route with the phone’s GPS then according to your mileage, cycle trips or the weather your avatar earns a certain number of gold coins. With these gold coins you can enrich your avatar by buying accessories or bicycles, win even more gold coins and ranker higher in the community of players Kappo.
This start-up analyses the data collected on cyclists’ routes, more particularly routes in town. In this age of Big Data, it then monetizes the data with towns and cities as part of their development programmes. For instance, new cycle lanes can be created, roads can be improved… Thanks to the cycling community, the city is becoming smarter and is adapting to residents’ practices.


Beyond the smart city, the insurance and health market could also be included in this game, to educate customers in an entertaining way about doing sports or even offering discounts on one’s insurance policy according to the number of gold coins collected or the ranking of one’s avatar in the game…

One can even image this digital money collected by doing sports being used in other popular mobile games like Candy Crush. The possibility of winning more gold coins would encourage… physical exercise! In a nutshell, this is not about capitalizing on the collection of passive data, which the final consumer is wary of, but rather about changing our behaviour through the recreational mechanics of the game. Fun prevention!

Insurers are reflecting about the impact of the Internet of Things like bracelets or connected watches, while the mobile is already at the heart of the matter, offering policyholders new customer experiences!

As an expert in emerging technologies, Nicolas travels to innovation shows around the world to spot and analyse the new trends.
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