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The Eiver mobile app uses the smartphone’s GPS to record the spot speed of vehicles, analyse driver behaviour in real time and potentially reward the driver.

The facts

The driver records the vehicle’s characteristics in the Eiver mobile app then the app will capture trip data using the mobile’s GPS. With this data and the Eiver algorithm the app can construct an accurate estimate of fuel consumption, fuel cost and carbon emissions, define an active safety index and wear rate of tyres… The application acts as a driving instructor coach on a day-to-day basis.

But beyond the data itself, Eiver rewards good drivers with Eivermiles. With these you can access car-related product offers.

Eiver has been downloaded 20,000 times in 4 months.


Beyond raising awareness of environmentally responsible driving, as certain insurers already do (like MAAF with écorouler), Eiver opens a door for the vehicle maintenance and after-sales market so dear to manufacturers. Beyond usage-based insurance, this kind of application could develop driver loyalty by rewarding them for safe driving while at the same time recording the life of the vehicle and push appropriate and customized maintenance offers.

The application is a good alternative for older cars but of little interest for new connected vehicles. And a minor drawback is that the mobile app must be activated on each trip…
On the other hand, the Eiver algorithm for qualifying driver behaviour and the reward paradigm should be of great interest to car manufacturers and dealers wanting to develop customer loyalty for their maintenance services.

In all likelihood the vehicle warranty of tomorrow will also be conditional on driver behaviour…

As an expert in emerging technologies, Nicolas travels to innovation shows around the world to spot and analyse the new trends.
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