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Guillaume RIO
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EchoLook : the new component of Amazons ecosytem

The latest from Amazon : EchoLook ! Your new fashion assistant
Discover the full innovation, its links with Alexa Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities that it creates in the video below


« Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? »

What if this famous Grimm brother’s scene, in which the mirror doesn’t lie and symbolizes truth, became reality?!

Take a picture

This could be ensured by Amazon, thanks to the launch of Echolook, the new Amazon Echo extension.

Advertised at the end of April 2017, by the American giant, Echolook is equipped with a camera and microphone and is connected the Alexa’s AI.

This newcomer promises to become your “Hands-Free Camera and Style Assistant” by embedding your room, your bathroom and your dressing room.

Echolook - Detailed view

Its main purpose is to help users chose their clothes, Alexa’s AI will analyze what they are wearing and will give them advice.  This service, named StyleCheck, is able to determine whether a shirt goes with a certain skirt or if a dress goes with certain shoes. Based on daily gained information (style, accessories, outfits, fashionista’s opinions, photos of the latest style, weather…) EchoLook will recommend an outfit considering your actual closet, however, if it’s insufficient, the device will offer you new clothes on the Amazon Marketplace.

Style Check

For the moment, this device is only available via limited access in the US (via invitation) for the price of 200 dollars.


For many years, Echangeur has studied the progress of ecosystems created by AAFA and BATX which, day by day, interfere more and more in our lives. We had anticipated the fact that these devices would want to become our everyday personal life assistants.
If our health, our cars, our smart homes, our movements, our digital id etc… are no longer a secret, they are now interested in the way we dress and will eventually be able to rethink our interior design. We know that their exceptional progress concerning AI and in particular image recognition opens an immeasurable range of possibilities!


Amazon is proving, day after day, its ambition to master all areas of existence. It seems like Amazons Alexa is everywhere :

  • In Ford or Volkswagon cars
  • Integrated into a LG fridge or a Whirlpoop washing machine
  • Installed in Neato and Samsung hoovers
  • Partnered with banks and insurance companies
  • And now, acts as a “personal style shopper” via Echolook,


Amazon isn’t trying to follow in the footsteps of large historical conglomerates founded on the diversification of their industrial and commercial activities without any direct link between them. Amazon wants to become a genuine service hub supported by its AWS (Amazon Web Services) and AWS IOT (Amazon Web Services Internet of Things).

With your Amazon ID (soon to be biometric), your smallest iterations will be picked-up thanks to the significant increase of intelligent devices capable of saving data in our homes, which will increase the relevance of offered contextual services. The main goal is to capitalize on the interrupted interactions of life, which means creating a genuine ‘industry of our lives’.

Guillaume RIO
Specialist of BATX & GAFA ecosystems and passionate about China, Guillaume analyzes the impact of new technologies on our lives.
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