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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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Products over 300€ are very difficult to be sold in second-hand marketplaces due to the lack of trust. That means over 80% of marketplaces value which implies a huge opportunity cost and the overexploitation of human and natural resources.

VIPficated involves local shops in the solution: selecting impartial professionals and paying them for the verification of second-hand products, so it’s a new source of income without any implementation on their side. As a side effect of promoting trust, people renew their products sooner and increase their budget, so millions of SMEs and thousands of markets become more profitable and allow customers to be more sustainable.

Technological innovation

Second-hand Marketplaces like eBay, Leboncoin, Marktplaats, Vinted… can have VIPFicated integrated as an additional delivery carrier. Plug&Trust. Easy.

By doing this, they’ll enable trusty purchases between people because of the white globe process which involves:

VIPFicated collects sellers’ device and move it to a local professional retailer. He carefully inspects up to 30 checkpoints of quality. After that, the product is delivered to the buyer, only if it is as good as expected. So buyers are confident of their product and sellers can sell high-end products easily and faster (phone; luxury fashion; bicycles…). On top, due to the COVID, products are also sanitized. VIPficated ensures that their professional shops network is performing their job at the highest quality.
Besides beneficial for buyer and seller, VIPficated is an opportunity for marketplaces, retailers and local shops in order to commit sustainability and profitability thanks to our easy implementable technology which is an API capable to incorporate a new marketplace, regardless the product category and the country, in a matter of days, without fixed costs, without risks and plenty of opportunities.

Pilots Projects and Business Cases

Actuellement VIPficated We are developing a pilot in some second-hand marketplaces; a Dutch bicycle; a Spanish mobile and a French luxury fashion market.

VIPficated also works for

The target : Demanding second hand sportsperson willing to buy a bicycle, snowboard or skies previously verified by a professional mechanic and get it at home if the product is up to their utmost expectations.

VIPficated analyzed over 3.000 buyers, to demonstrate that professional verified products were: products were sold 3 times faster; (it was 3 times more likely to buy) and revenue was +10%-20% over the second hand price.

About the startup

Logo VipficatedVIPficated is built by people with large background in eRetail, e-commerce and software development.

Together with our relevant advisors, we improve solution to:

1. eliminate scams

2. foster human and material sustainable principles

3. empower local-commerce and the main reason is because we need it.


VIPficated is also proudly boosted by:

Startupbootcamp : Global startup Accelerator keeps us connected with strategic alliances.

Réseau Entreprendre : Over 125 asociations in 10 countries with direct access to firstline CEOs.

AWS : Amazon program grants and supports our scalability capabilities.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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