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On average 15% of the items sold online are returned or simply never sell, causing high financial loss and tons of waste. Rebolet provides an all-in-one reselling help to make e-commerce more profitable and sustainable by processing, analysing and reselling returns and overstock.

Technological Innovation

E-commerce companies want to increase their customer satisfaction with better return policies, offering their customers a simple process to send back the items and get refunds on the orders. But every returned item is causing on average 12€-20€ of financial losses and tremendously complex reverse logistics.
Thus, leading these companies to liquidate returned items for super low prices or simply throw them away, as many of them don’t know their value of the items or they don’t have the tools and processes to bring them back to the secondary market.

By integrating with Rebolet, e-commerce companies instantly know the reselling value of their returned items and the likelihood of a successful resell. Then, they send the items to our facilities, and we take care of the whole reselling process.

Once received, we scan, inspect and grade returns through our logistic service. After, we relist the items on multiple secondary marketplaces, prepare the items for reselling and fulfil new customer orders. For items that can’t be resold, we donate or recycle them, we support a circular economy with social and sustainable profits.

Le process Rebolet

Paid pilots with very encouraging results

Rebolet has processed more than 2000 returned items with 3 paid pilot projects.
Through these pilots Rebolet proved to achieve a 2.5x higher profitability than the industry standards. Their technology allows them to process items in minutes instead of days or weeks, until they are ready for reselling.

Government Support

Rebolet’s business is focused on supporting social and sustainable profits, aligned with several laws that ban companies from destroying returned items.
The sustainable base of their business has allowed them to receive government support from the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg and the Investment Bank Berlin.

About the startup

Logo ReboletOne of the key elements about Rebolet is their team. They balance corporate experience, industry knowledge and start-up agility to tackle the problem of returns and overstock. Overall A great team!

Rebolet is currently evaluating innovation projects with major European retailers in Germany and Sweden, aiming to transform and digitalize their business.

Elisabeth MENANT
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