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Let’s reveal the culinary talents of the Mamas of the world!

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
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The mission of Meet My Mama is to reveal the culinary talents of Mamas from all over the world.

An engaged caterer and training school, the startup gives the power to Mamas from all over the world to live from their passion for cooking.

The startup and the solution

femmes Meet My MamaMeet My Mama reveals the culinary talents of women from all over the world, of any age and any social background, from migrant, refugee, housewife to career transition, all passionate about cooking!

To make clients discover the authenticity of the home-made World Cuisines, prepared with love by the best Cheffes you could find : our Mamas.

Coming from Africa, Asia, Latin-America, Middle-East or Europe, Mamas share the same ambition : to live from their passion for cuisine.

How does it work and what are consumer benefits ?

A platform allows clients to book culinary trips: they can tell everything about their event and what they need and Meet My Mama’s team will guide them to build a unique experience for the occasion, prepared with love by our Mamas.

The startup reinvents the classic codes of catering while equipping, training and supporting the women behind the food through its Association, Empower My Mama.

The aim is to help them become chef, entrepreneur, and actress of a society that will soon be more inclusive, viable and responsible.

Spreading solidarity while producing eco-responsible food is the daily challenge of this company. 

Some business cases

ChangeNOW Summit

During this event, the Mamas contributed to the culinary animation by offering dishes from all over the world. The number of people to serve was 6,000 per day.

Women’s Forum x Raynier Marchetti

The Mamas provided a service for 800 people.

LVMH x Cuisine & Cie

During this gathering, 400 people were able to taste the dishes of the Mamas.

Forum Talent by Netexplo

This forum brought together 800 people, and Meet My Mama was invited to taste home-made dishes for the guests.

Meet My Mama makes a commitment!

In addition to participating in events, the startup mobilizes in times of crisis. At the end of June, a Ulule prize pool closed, which aimed to collect €5,000 to prepare good meals for the most disadvantaged.This action was a great success, since no less than €24,680 was collected!

About the startup

Meet My MamaThrough the organization of authentic and homemade Culinary Trips, Meet My Mama reinvents the codes of catering services and immerses its customers in the heart of a unique, tasty and impactful experience around the world.

Its hybrid model, combining a catering service from around the world and an association, Empower My Mama, allows it to accompany, inspire, equip and encourage these women to become the entrepreneurs and actresses of a society that will soon be more inclusive, sustainable and responsible.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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