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Elisabeth MENANT
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Each and every one of us spends about 6 months of our lives in a queue: in stores, tourist sites, theme parks, transports, for administrative services, etc.

Now, with only a few clicks, you can get a table at a restaurant, buy cinema tickets, get a taxi or even book a train or plane tickets.

So why not book your spot in a queue?

Lineberty, the solution that queues up for you, transforms customer experience by freeing up people from waiting.

How does the solution works? What are the benefits for customers and retailers?

Lineberty put its interfaces at the establishments’ disposal to help them digitalize their waiting lines (terminal, display screen, administration interface).

interface utilisateur lineberty

The major assets of the solution are:

  • To increase the customer’s satisfaction:
  • Feeling of earning some time by optimizing the waiting time
  • Confidence in the fact that they will be taken in charge: they know they will be served on a first come first served basis
  • Changed perception of the waiting time since clients are no longer waiting in a line. From now on, they can wait at home, in their car, have a walk…interface vendeur lineberty
  • To optimize the working conditions of the establishment’s staff:
  • Places are unblocked and people are more relax.
  • The operator has a more qualitative and personalized interaction with the client.
  • The operator can access an administration interface with datas based on the number of people and the waiting time. This module enables him to manage the resources.Les analytics de Lineberty
  • To maintain security during the epidemics:
  • Disappearance of the crowds thanks to the possibility of booking an appointment before the visit.
  • Help to maintain safety measures on site thanks to the low number of people.
  • Possibility to remind clients of the safety measures by text message / push notification.

Focus on some business cases

la poste logo

Digitalizing the IT floor for employees

the benefits : 

  • Enable access to datas on technical incidents (main reasons for visit, average waiting time and transaction time…)
  • Better distribution of the waiting time during the day.

Meet a counsellor in the agency

The benefits :

  • Personalizing the customer experience and upgrading the brand image
  • Possibility to manage both clients with and without appointments.

Managing booking to access to Pin Trading in limited editions

The benefits : 

  • Enable access to a wider panel of visitors (family and children, instead of collectors only)
  • Upgrading the Pin Trading image thanks to the decline of insecurity

Access to the cutting service

The benefits :

  • Reduce customers stress
  • High growth on the wood sector (thanks to a positive impact on the customers’ average basket and retention rate)

About the startup

Logo LinelibertyLineberty is a Saas solution aimed at digitalizing waiting lines and managing appointments. Since 2015, the solution has been successfully set-up in many use cases (check-out, meet a counsellor, Access to a service).

The customer path is simple: the user registers in a digital waiting line from his smartphone or a terminal. He enjoys his free time while following the progress of the queue. When it’s his turn, he receives a text message or push notification on his smartphone.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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