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Adapt, manage and improve your pricing strategy with Data Science

Elisabeth MENANT
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ActiveViam creates data science and analytics solutions to help companies to make clear-cut business decisions with a view of all possible choices and outcomes.

Supported by industry-leading Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and analytics technologies, their products offer a unique level of precision, speed and adaptability.

ActiveViam for Pricing is used today by major omni-channel retailers working in a wide variety of verticals, including food, home improvement, automotive and more.

How does it works and what are the benefits for customers and retailers?

Pricing success is driven by company’s context, market, history and the relationship with his customers. ActiveViam for Pricing ensures the maximum impact of pricing strategy by leveraging analytics and data science to support all price stakeholders in making better decisions to attract new customers, foster customer loyalty, increase profitability and build a consistent brand image.

It goes further than basic profit margin control and competitive alignment, and puts price back at the center of the retailer’s strategy.

ActiveViam for Pricing allows to define, test and deploy pricing, promotions and markdown strategies at an industrial scale, in order to strike the best balance between conflicting business goals, shifting market conditions and evolving customer expectations.

Whether the retailer’s scope is a country, a region, or global, whether he work in food, fashion, home improvement appliances, consumer electronics or any other vertical, ActiveViam for Pricing offers the power of its technology at fingertips.

Some Business Cases

Leroy Merlin France

The company wanted to remain competitive against pure players, and customers who tend to compare prices strongly. The objective was to maintain a consistent and profitable pricing strategy, and this on hundreds, even thousands of references.

Thanks to ActiveViam, the pricing process has been completely industrialized. Today, prices are directly updated based on new data collected by the platform. Intelligent product classification and more accurate pricing even helped increase profit margin.


The challenge for this brand was to set up a value pricing strategy, on a premium offer in urban areas.

Monoprix offers a better response to customer expectations, because with the help of ActiveViam, they were able to integrate specific insights on the purchasing behavior of their consumers. The solution enabled them to grow in responsiveness and consistency, even on their own brands. The teams work more efficiently thanks to dedicated dashboards adapted to the stages of the distribution process.

Feu Vert

At Feu Vert, profitability was at the heart of concerns, with strong competition from pure-players. By taking advantage of local trends and external factors such as the weather, they were able to execute their pricing strategy more precisely, and their profit margin increased. The price image has been protected, because the platform offers to assess the impact of decisions on KPIs and to follow them in near real time. Finally, collaboration with independent distribution networks has improved.

About the startup

ActiveViamActiveViam provides precision analytics platforms to help organisations in finance and retail make better decisions, faster. Our mission is to deliver data analytics solutions that empower businesses to change their future. Practically, this means allowing business users to make faster and better decisions – whether those decisions relate to detecting deviations, measuring risk, responding to unplanned events, or selecting the best course of action after simulating alternatives.

We do this by combining our unique technology expertise and business knowledge to deliver through our solutions insight levels beyond customer expectations.

Elisabeth MENANT
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