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Zéro-Gâchis’ mission is to invent simple and accessible solutions to fight food waste in the retail industry.

With a team of 45 passionate people dedicated to the development of new technologies, the startup offers stores a suite of tools to control food waste around a recently awarded artificial intelligence, Epsilon. From the detection of products before their expiry date to assisted switching between accelerated sales and food donation, retailers and their teams can make the best decisions for each product arriving at short notice in complete autonomy.

Zero Waste: How does it work and what are the benefits for consumers and retailers ?

Every morning, thousands of products arrive at their use-by dates. By giving each employee the right information at the right time, it is possible to save millions of tons of food thrown away per year.

Epsilon, an Artificial Intelligence developed by SmartWay embedded in an industrial barcode reader, provides team members with the information they need. First, the EasyTurn detection module provides information on the position of the product on the shelf, saving up to 1 hour per day per shelf.


Then, the Switching module analyses the specific conditions of the store (weather, association planning, schedules, etc.) and of the scanned product (margin, resale history, typology, etc.) and then recommend a distribution of the volume removed from the shelves between the available channels, generally food donation to associations and accelerated sales.

Finally, complementary modules help with rapid labeling at the right price and secure dematerialized food donation. Through this approach, points of sale benefit from increased profitability and their employees are provided with simple and effective tools, while at the same time offering the consumer the opportunity to engage with them in the fight against food waste.

Some Business Cases

Hypermarché 5950m² (61)

The goal of this store was to increase the net profit after reaching Zero Food Waste. Thanks to Zero Waste and Epsilon, it achieved a 100% revaluation of the food waste volume and the bottom line increased by 53%.

Hypermarché 4181m² (35)

For this retailer, the challenge was to reduce waste (gross breakage).

In 6 months, the optimization of orders and the approach put in place have reduced the volume of waste generated by 58%. (from 3.23% to 1.25% of TP HT turnover).

Hypermarché 3300m² (07)

Intermarché wanted to improve the approach taken by the point of sale.

After adopting the Zero Waste solutions, we see that breakage value has been recovered. The use of statistical tools for team management (monthly report as meeting support) was a real positive point.

About the startup

Your partners to reduce the impact of breakage in supermarkets.

Known under the Zéro-Gâchis brand in France, we develop simple and accessible solutions to reduce food waste in hundreds of stores in Europe.

Our solution has 3 pillars:

  • Detection of short dates
  • Referral
  • Labeling

All made possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Elisabeth MENANT
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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