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Direct Market is the platform that facilitates relations between producers and retailers: ordering, logistics, billing, payment and transparency.

The startup allows producers to find new distribution channels and retailers to satisfy customers by offering them local products.

What is the benefit for a customer to use your solution ?

Direct Market offers the only solution to manage the supply of local products via an online secured shop for retailers, where producers and products are referenced.

It matches the capacities and the capabilities of each producers and store owners. Direct Market simplifies the management of local products distribution on a massive scale, as the retailer can now order from a multitude of producers.

Direct Market matches supply (production capacity) and demand (retailer’s needs).

The platform manage the invoicing, the payments, the signage kits to catch the attention of the consumer, etc.

What’s more? Producers and their products are referenced on an online, secured and personalized shop opened for each retailer!

Technological innovation

Schéma blockchain

Direct Market is the first marketplace dedicated to short channels distribution for retailers, with an integrated logistic service. This platform offers the only solution to manage the supply of local products in a massive way.

How does it really work?

Once an order has been placed by a retailer, Direct Market’s team collects the products from the producers, which are handled in warehouse to prepare the orders. Finally, these orders are delivered to the stores.

The startup provides the traceability of logistic flows and monitoring of the health aspects of products by using the blockchain. We have also developed an automated pricing system that allows the consumer to make a conscious purchase (distance between the farm and the store, store and producer prices, quality certifications, etc.)… And all that with a single click !

Some business cases


Direct Market tested its solution with the Cora in Ile-de-France. The store orders a panel of about twenty local products from producers of the region. The test was a real success as it generated 40% more volume of business than our objectives, and continues today.


Direct Market is dealing with the ecommerce specialist Chronodrive since June 2020. The partnership has begun with 7 Chronodrive near Lille. This deployment was a success, with a panel of more than 30 local products. The 7 Chronodrive are still ordering, and the volumes increase regularly.

In August 2020, the decision was made to open 6 more locations in France : Paris and the Île-de-France (7 supermarkets), Rennes (2 supermarkets), Orléans, Nantes, Tours, La Rochelle. The next step is the deployment in the cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse, at the end of the year.

This partnership enables Chronodrive to offer a large panel of quality products, not more expensive than if the

consumer bought a product from a traditional distribution channel. As everything is automated on our platform, the store owner doesn’t lose time with the invoicing, the payments, the logistic, etc.

A propos de la startup

Direct Market

“We value people on farms, in stores and at work.”

Direct Market recreates a lasting bond of trust between the producer, the trader and the consumer. Fair and transparent, it simplifies relations between these actors in a new way.

Assisted by the blockchain, automated pricing… The startup simplifies access to these quality products.

Elisabeth MENANT
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