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Combining the best of On and Off, TVPage recreates the appeal of an online store experience.

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TVPage allows shop sellers to sell online. The platform allows each brand to activate video showcases on its website, and sellers, influencers and customers to publish their own videos and photos, directly on the merchant’s website, to share in social, to benefit from traffic via organic search and to generate new online sales.

Technological innovation : videos to save the physical stores!

In a post Covid-19 environment where contactless retail has become essential, TVPage allows a brand or retailer to win back customers online without them having to be physically in the store. These brands and retailers can now offer a human experience in a predominantly virtual world.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, TVPage has seen a 300% increase in TVPage enabled sales generated by video commerce.

The technology consists of many components, including a proprietary video delivery system, a data-driven product video matching engine, an artificial intelligence-powered recommendation engine that optimizes conversion by serving the best content, and an advanced analytics engine that delivers accounting-quality reports for each seller’s compensation, anywhere in the world, directly from the application.

Business Case

Macy’s has created an ambassador program, Macy’s Style Crew, which the department store chain manages on the TVPage platform.

The program includes several thousand Macy’s salespeople and influencers who apply and are eligible to publish directly on Here‘s the page to apply and as an example, a shoppable TVPage.


Every day, every minute, Macy’s ambassadors generate traffic, and sales that are completely new to Macy’s. These ambassadors are all commissioned on the TVPage platform; all are paid directly on the TVPage application, according to the terms they have defined (wire transfer, Paypal, check, etc.), in their local currency, wherever they are in the world. TVPage generates the Merchant Dashboard (which Macy’s, like every TVPage customer, owns and over which Macy’s controls, moderates, and monitors all content, ambassadors, analytics, and payments), the Ambassador Dashboard and the mobile application, as well as the consumer experience on

The Home Shopping Network (HSN), together with its sister company QVC, are pioneers in teleshopping. As more and more viewers turned away from traditional television media, HSN had to adapt by looking for new ways to capture and convert its audiences with commercial video content. HSN chose TVPage to drive its Over-the-Top (OTT) video strategy.

Objective: make people discover products through shoppable videos gathered on the “HSN Now” video channel.

Method: TVPage created a video hub for HSN called “HSN Now” on the Video Commerce platform. As with all TVPage Video Hubs, TVPage’s matching engine links each video content with the products shown in the video. On the SEO side, the platform creates a maximum number of SEO discovery opportunities for new HSN buyers who search on Google.
TVPage also powers dynamic video widgets across the HSN website, and determines the best location (Home Page, Category Page, Product Page) for each video content based on the day and time.

The startup

TVPage Logo
The San Diego-based startup TVPage has a passion for energizing the rapidly changing retail sector. The team is comprised of data, search and video engineers and marketing experts who have made this “online retailer” possible by bringing together the worlds of e-commerce and social media in a unique way, through video, which has become the most engaging online medium. They have numerous patents registered at the crossroads of commerce and media. In addition to their headquarters in San Diego, they have offices in New York, Madrid, and R&D offices in Tel Aviv. They have also been selected by the SAP Foundry in Tel Aviv to accelerate their partnership with the SAP Group worldwide.

Elisabeth MENANT
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