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Elisabeth MENANT
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Augmania is a SaaS platform for creating web-based Augmented Reality stories without the need for coding or for downloading Apps. The interactive experiences created can easily be shared across different mediums all while receiving powerful insights into their performance. Augmania is also an SAP partner and is seamlessly integrated with SAP C4/HANA Marketing cloud and Commerce solution.

Technological innovation

Augmania’s product is a powerful WebAR (Augmented Reality) platform for creating engaging experiences and augmenting content without applications, but rather directly on the web through a simple URL link, accessible from any iOS or Android device, removing any barriers and friction towards customers adoption.

Business case

County Mall shopping center’s goal was increasing footfall in their shopping venue and providing shoppers with an engaging experience to make their journey more fun and entertaining.

Through their “Shrunk the shoppers” treasure hunt experience established with Augmania, County Mall managed to create an adventure inside the mall that involved the shoppers and urged them to follow the clues provided within the experience and scan it with their phones to unlock gifts, 3d animations, special offers and more fun stuff.

The adventure led to a significant increase in sales by 4.3% for retail, 9.7% for food and beverages and an overall shopper engagement of 61%.

The campaign has also won the best award for “Strategic Marketing Campaign” in the UK for 2017.

The startup

Augmania is a tech startup, founded with a vision of reshaping the traditional digital marketing industry. It all began in San Francisco, where the team was inspired by the intense competition over consumers’ attention with various content that seemed to lack innovation and interaction.

Through Augmania, a new concept in media creation & publishing was introduced to disrupt with the usual practices, involve customers in the experience and boost their engagement.

Augmania has had the honour of representing its creative solution and meeting clients from all over the world through exhibitions internationally recognized conferences like Augmented Reality World Expo where the startup was nominated for the best authoring and publishing tool, SaaStr, WebSummit in Lisbon, Dmexco in Cologne, Bits&Pretzels in Munich and much more.

The success of the AR stories created using Augmania is shown through the outstanding performances of its clients’ campaigns, like County Mall, which witnessed 60% increase in engagement following the launch of the experience, all while receiving the “Revo Purple Apple” award for the best “Strategic Marketing Campaign” in 2017.

Other clients like Coca-Cola, Daimler, Roche and more have had similar success with an average increase in sales by 10%.

Recently, Augmania became an SAP partner and is now seamlessly integrated with the SAP C4/HANA Marketing cloud and Commerce solution. The stratup has also expanded to the German territory, where it has opened its new office in Berlin to get closer to its customers and explore the European market.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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