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Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
3 minutes‘s mission is to offer simple and accessible solutions that can give eyes to store furniture. With a team of enthusiasts dedicated to development, the start-up offers retailers a technology for product recognition by image.
It offers a suite of solutions all based on real artificial intelligence rewarded at the NRF 2020.

Covering use cases ranging from the supply chain to cash-out via merchandising, stores and their teams are able to take the best decisions independently in order to stop breakdowns, control stocks in real time, automatically collect or create the first automated nano-shops.

How does it work and what are the benefits for consumer and retailer?

Waiting at the cash register, out of stock, poorly maintained point of sale, … Every day, thousands of consumers are confronted with one of these major irritants in stores, likely to sabotage a shopping experience, and even lead to the loss of sales. Although these recurring friction points are well known throughout the distribution, the implementation of various solutions has never made it possible to completely stop them. meets these needs thanks to 3 offers all based on a real Artificial Intelligence running on the start-up’s own cloud. The store optimized by artificial intelligence

This solution detects the products present in the shelves and allows retailers in real time to: monitor the breaks, check the compliance of the shelves (planogram, labels, prices…), do an A/B testing of the implantations, and finally to generate a heat zone of radius performance. The autonomous point of sale for professionals

Created initially for the construction business, allows customers of to: provide a range of goods 24/24 – 7/7, reconcile the goods to the end customer (works), create a business with subscription, and reduce the current operational cost of existing containers. The tray that automatically collects your dishes

It recognizes the entire content of the tray and thus allows restaurants to: provide a «1 click» experience, better manage attendance during peak hours, increase the performance of cash lines so that it can provide more services, better understand their customers, and propose a better loyalty program.

The points of sale benefit from this approach of increased profitability and their employees simple and effective tools to help them in their daily tasks.

Business cases

Faiveley Transport

The objective was to optimize inventory management and billing system.

In response, has improved the ordering process and the process of making products available to the customer.


The company wanted to reduce the breakage rate of shelf products. In a few months, with the solutions of the start-up, the optimization of the management of ruptures and the approach implemented has made it possible to reduce the volume of missing products.


The brand sought to increase the availability of products 24/7 and 7/7. In collaboration with, they created an autonomous, remotely controllable point of sale while bringing the product closer to the end customer.

Bj Coffee

The challenge was to rethink the corporate meal experience. The proposed solution is a friction-free experience by increasing the performance of the supply chain.

About the startup helps retailers to optimize their activities thanks to computer vision and image recognition.

The start-up offers off-th-shelf SaaS solutions, covering use cases from supply chain to collection, through merchandising.

Customers are only B2B, from large retailers to renowned manufacturers.

Elisabeth MENANT
Innovation Trends Manager
To explore with you the transformation of retail with a double approach both editorial and business
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